Re: One of my favorite series of all time.

Hello everyone. This post has nothing to do with royal road or novels, but I was reminded of a certain series which I binge read over 200 chapters in the matter of a couple of weeks because man. 

It was so. Damn. Good. 

And this series is Great Teacher Onizuka. 

If you are a fan of anime or manga, then you might know what I am talking about. If you don't, then I highly, highly, highly, encourage you to look into it and stop reading here because I'mma spoil some stuff. 


Are we good? 

Are you good to read on?

You're not gonna yell at me for spoilers? 

I warned you. 

Multiple times. 

Great teacher onizuka is a masterpiece. 

I originally watched the anime, and the anime was a masterpiece. 

Being an older series from the 90s, it's got a feel to it that may seem a bit old, but damn is it nostalgic. But what's so great about the series is of course, the main character and the character writing in general. 

I absolutely adore the backstories of each and every student in the Onizuka class. Every single one was written with care, and all of them have their own struggles and traumas which they are dealing with. 

And the ending was excellent. 

Ok in case you're reading and don't know the context, Onizuka is a 22 year old former delinquent/bike gang leader who becomes a school teacher for a class of kids who have been extremely traumatized due to a past teacher of theirs, and so they bully teachers to the point where the teachers go nuts and quit. 

However, in the anime, as you all should know if you're still reading (Or if you don't care about the spoilers) the whole reason why the class becomes bad in the first place is because a student had a relationship with their teacher. This relationship was covered up by the school board and the two were forced to move away. The girl is then learned to have committed suicide, which leads the class to their hatred of teachers. 

The series in the anime was excellent, and the ending was outstanding. However, I realized something as I read the manga. 

The manga is completely different from the anime. 

And not just the small things like less censorship and more detailed dialogue (Though these things are there)

The story follows a completely different plotline and the entire reason why the teacher was hated by the children was completely different. (I won't spoil manga if anyone has seen anime but not read it). But as I read the manga for onizuka I realized something. 


I loved onizuka when I watched the anime, but the manga was soooooo much better. There is so much greatness in this series which I never would have experienced had I stayed an anime only fan. If you are a fan of this series, I would highly, highly recommend reading the manga, because you've only seen a sliver of how great it really is.