Re: Read Later vs. Favorite?

No practical differences, except that Favourites are showed on a Fiction's page, and influence their ratings. 

The point is to Favourite stories you really love, to form a kind of "My favourite fictions of all-time", so you can find them easily even after the story gets completed. And the Read-later mark speaks for itself. "Ooh, this looks interesting, I should start reading it when I get the chance." 

So yeah, if I follow a story, and I really love it, I will also favourite it. If I don't follow, but consider that I might in the future, I will click Read-later. 

Re: Read Later vs. Favorite?


precinctomega Wrote: My 2p:

Read Later = "This person needs/wants feedback"
Follow = "I want to read this story"
Favourite = "I want to read this story again"

Or, if you prefer, work, pleasure and study in that order.

Well, in my case, I'm collecting things to literally read later. I'm planning on commenting, but not if it feels like work. I prefer to get paid for work. 

Re: Read Later vs. Favorite?

Uhh isn't it that 

read later = has it's own page.  If you simply hit read later without favorite or follow, that fiction will only show up on the "read later" page.  
Favorite = showing support for the author.  
Follow = I want a reliable way to keep track of this fiction's updates.  Also has it's own page.