Re: Hello, I'm new to writing and I was hoping for some advice.


Skyblade Wrote: I started writing about a month ago and my readers have pointed out some flaws in my writing. Namely dialogue, event planning and logical character motivation. 

Are there any good websites or youtube channels out there to educate myself with?

Brandon Sanderson, the fantasy writer, has a series of free university lectures on his youtube. They cover topics such as worldbuilding, plotting, making great characters, etc.

ShelinWrites, is another channel I've found quite useful. 

There are tons more, of course. And text-guides aren't hard to find by just googling "How to write better dialogue" or whatever. This blog is amazing for us amateurs as well: . It has many, many free guides. 

Re: Hello, I'm new to writing and I was hoping for some advice.

A decade of experience has taught me that the best way to learn how to write is to learn from your favorite novels.

When I set out to learn that as a teen, my main sources of inspiration were David Eddings and David Weber. They wrote the sort of characters, plots, worlds, etc., that I wanted to write at the time. That was actually tossing myself in the deep end when it came to Weber, because his writing style is not easy to learn from. Eddings, though, taught me a lot. Once I had a grasp on the basics of how he wove stories, I started comparing and contrasting with more authors.

There are a lot of good books on writing out there, but nothing will compare to reading your favorites with an eye to actually studying how they write. 

Re: Hello, I'm new to writing and I was hoping for some advice.

I can honestly say that the greatest teacher of all is practice. Advice from YouTube and forums is excellent to have - it'll help to shape your skill in the right direction for sure, but if you take a look at my first story on here (The Most Powerful Ant In The Universe) and compare it to my newest (Apocalypse Post), the difference is enormous. I've had half a million words of experience between the two, and I can confidently claim that it's made all the difference.