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ArDeeBurger Wrote:
sess Wrote: Hi ArDeeBurger, thanks for the welcome! Oooh Dots sounds quite interesting so I will definitely give it a read. Hope it gets all the love it deserves!

Thank you very much, sess! I post a new chapter for DOTS every Friday, so I just posted a new one today. Here is a sneak peek: 

     Bits of mesh and latex were wrapped around Aika's right forearm like a hastily made bandage. Her left arm, however, was encased in an intricate assembly made mostly of metal, with her hand and forearm in solid gold. She extended that arm away from her body and reached into the assembly with her right hand at a spot along the back of her wrist, where a pommel protruded. With the sound of steel on steel, she unsheathed a very real sword made of gleaming silver. It was slightly curved and hinged at its center until, with a deadly snap, she locked the blade into place.
     Startled, Carolus let out cry. Hank was flabbergasted.
     "Wow," he said, fawning over Aika's increased level of hotness. "That is a real mean sword. I bet you could kill a lot of bad guys with a sword like that."
     Aika laid the weapon across her forearm, offering it Hank. "This sword doesn't kill its enemies…" she began.
     Hank stood up from his seat on Aika's bed, tucking his fingertips in his pockets. He leaned forward to look at the sword. The word DILIGENCE was etched along the length of its blade, surrounded by runes and hieroglyphs.
     "…It compels them to obey." Aika finished. She flipped the sword over, offering it again on her forearm to Hank. On this side, the decorations surrounded the word KINDNESS.
     Hank gasped. "That's the most amazing thing I have ever seen."
     Aika cocked her head, pondering Hank's timid nature. She then snapped the blade off her forearm, using so much force that Hank had to pull in his nose. With a well-rehearsed flick and a twist, the blade unlocked at its hinge, and a mighty swing ran it back in its sheath. Once there, the blade traveled up her arm to a point near her shoulder, with the hinge at her elbow.

And might I say your story, Deathly Divine is truly quite amazing. I already am in love with Janice and Terrence! I hope the humor never fades. It's what makes it the best! Consider me as your first Follow!

And Terrence needs a top hat! 🎩

Thanks for the preview, but I think reading from the beginning will resolve my confusion around what is going on at the moment AHAH. Thanks for giving it a read! I'm very nervous to be writing and posting, but you've given me some more confidence. 

Re: Hi everyone! New to Royal Road!

sess Wrote: Thanks for giving it a read! I'm very nervous to be writing and posting, but you've given me some more confidence.

Oh, I don't think you need to fear your nerves. Writing well is hard work, but your voice and storyline in Deathly Divine is strong. 

If you like, a very lovely man named NovelNinja has a thread in the Forums here at Royal Road, where he will answer your questions and assist you with your story telling. He is a professional editor who hosts free seminars and does volunteers work for writers all the time.

His advice is good and he is very nice! Here's the link to his thread -- . Go ahead and ask him a question!

Keep writing and good luck!  😊

Re: Hi everyone! New to Royal Road!

Now that the madhouse has settled a little... welcome! You know what they say: you don't have to be crazy to work here, we'll fix any sanity you might still have. Come on in! Please don't feed the chickens, it makes gej a little nervous. And it took weeks to break into the cupboard last time.

Seriously though, welcome. Enjoy the friendly, let any unfriendly people be - they're rare here, but the odd scathing review happens. And if they get you down there's usually a pick-me-up in the forums.

(I wasn't kidding about the chickens though.)

Re: Hi everyone! New to Royal Road!

Hi everyone! Great to meet you and happy to be here :) I'm so excited (and very nervous) to get feedback and write and post regularly.

I'm looking forward to reading all the great recommendations for stories in this thread. 

If anyone has some extra time, I'd love your thoughts on my story: All feedback welcome! I'm just starting out.

Thank you!!