Re: Clueless Noob needs Formatting Help!

So I'm about five chapters in as far as submitting to RR is concerned, and the formatting is really giving me trouble. I've seen that "line spacing" is considered more important here then I've seen elsewhere, but I can't actually find it as an option when formatting a story within the RR submitter.
I find double-spacing paragraphs gives me way too much white space, but is that considered better then just having fairly standard Open Office settings? Are there ways to get one-and-a-half line spacing to work on RR? What am I missing?
Any advice is welcome.

(P.S. I've seen some forum topics suggest manipulating the code, but I'm terrible at manipulating code.)

Re: Clueless Noob needs Formatting Help!

One setting to check would be spacing above and below paragraphs. In Openoffice, ctrl+a, right click, paragraph, and then the setting should be right on that menu. As long as both are set to 0, then 1.5 line spacing should work fine with a manual line break between paragraphs. That’s how I do things, usually.

Alternatively, you can try setting spacing after paragraphs to some non-zero number, and then omit the extra line break. I’m not sure how well the Royal Road editor will pick it up when you paste it in, though.

Whatever you do, don’t do all three (1.5 line spacing, extra line break between paragraphs, and extra spacing after paragraphs). That way lies madness.

Re: Clueless Noob needs Formatting Help!

Also there's appears to be a difference on RR between the paragraph break (standard enter) and the line break (ctrl enter), at least when coming in from Docs.

Overall, I'd not stress about it too much, barring new lines in the middle of words or random other places, I expect very few people are greatly troubled by extra blank lines.

The first chapter looked fine on a quick skim, so unless you've put a bunch of effort into changing it, I think you're doing fine.

Got a bit more time... elevated your read count a bit, but I only skimmed for layout... they all look fine to me...