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I shamelessly used a beta reader to make the art for my release on Friday.  Since I house, clothe, and feed her, I paid her nothing. 
Child Labor FTW!
Honestly it's better than my stick figures, and I'm under the impression that some art is better than none.  I put it in the author notes.

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AngrySeme Wrote: Does adding pictures help give you higher ratings or more viewers?

I have quite a lot of art but I couldn't tell you if it helps with this, the character art is a few chapters into the story so that the story really has to run on its own two legs long before that.
It has a cover, but every story has a cover.

On scribblehubb the chapters that have art get a lot more favourites than other chapters I have found, I don't think RR has a chapter favourite system however so I cant compare to here.

I've posted my art to various forums and use my sig but I've found the increase in viewership to not be terribly noticeable over just having chapters appear in the new chapter tab, nothing even comes close to being in trending for exposure and viewership ^^'

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Graffiti Wrote: I have art for all of my stories. Even the ones I wound up scrapping. I do it for myself, though. I’m a very visual person. So having art in chapters and whatnot helps me imagine it happening. Plus it’s easier to go “here’s what character X looks like” once with a picture instead of having to describe them every so often just cause you know your reader probably forgot how they looked through words.
I love this. Yeah, webnovels are different from actual books, since here it might have been weeks or months before you last read that character's description, if if it's only 10 chapters ago. So, I find it very easy to forget appearances of minor characters from all the fictions that I follow. (Or even major ones! Easy to forget, if we just read a chapter a week)

Art makes the characters wayyy more memorable, "a picture speaks a thousand words" and whatnot. I'm aware that it's a lot of work, but I love seeing it! And it's something that I can always come back to, to quickly refresh the cast's appearance in my mind's eye.

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Honestly i love the feedback from this thread.
I'll definetly put art in my webnovel once I improve more, but not for views lol. Its hard to be able to figure out if that works, its not like theres some kind of statistic generator thing or whatever.
And besides, writing for ourselves is the whole point of being on here anyway :)