Re: 400 Bad Request error message


I really hope I’m not doing anything bad here, but I’ve been recieving an error message for like over a week now, and I’m unable to rectify it. It doesn’t have to do with my account since I can access my account and do things on my phone without problem.

Specifically, anytime I enter the RRL website, the screen will turn white and say ”400 Bad Request”, followed by ”Request Header Or Cookie Too Large” and then ”nginx”. If I wait a while I can refresh the page and access RRL again, but whenever I press anything or refresh the page, it goes right back to that error screen. I haven’t been able to release chapters in a while. 

How can I undo this? Any help is appreciated. Sorry if I’m just being stupid.

Re: 400 Bad Request error message


gej302 Wrote: You can delete your cookies (either all of them, or just for this site).  It won't harm anything, it might adjust a few things like you'll have to log in again.

I shamelessly refer you to this guide:

Hey, it worked! Was just able to post a new chapter of a story, hehe, you’ve really helped me out, man!

Though, considering that I literally just had to do what the error message told me... Man. I just ain’t very clever. 

Thanks for the help though!!