Re: thread necro'ing is good

thread necro'ing - commenting on an old post, raising it back to the spotlight.

in my opinion, this should be acceptable. every one has the right to comment on something, and if they see something thye want to comment on, even if its from a year ago, then they should.
the problems with this, is that it push the thread back to the top, and making it look like a new, poplar post.
and forum is not mant to be a chat between just  people. its meant to post things that will be looked apon for months, even years.

but i think this overlap with another problem, that the posts are arranged by who commented last by default. on most forums.
i think that posts should by arrange by first comment date instead of the last by default. that way, new threads that nobody has commented on are noy pushed way back before anyone has a chance to read them, because other threads have an ongoing discussion, and thread necro'ing is no longer a problem.
on going discussion is no problem, since everyone active there are subscribed to the thread anyway.

i think a forum comment arranged like this will be more "long term" oriented discussions, then heated emotional discussions that in the log run, nobody cares about much anymore.

Re: thread necro'ing is good


Ararara Wrote: If you arrange threads by first comment, then it will be impossible to find new threads lol. Everything you see will be ancient and maybe non-relevant

you got it totally wrong AND backwards.

i meant by date the thread was originally created. so that the first result you see was the thread last created, like 2 minuets ago, instead of an ongoing discussion that started two weeks ago.

Re: thread necro'ing is good

Isnt this why the threads have the little red icons to indicate you've not read the latest reply to? You can clear all (or individually) after you've reviewed the new red ones so that it resets. Would this not essentially highlight new threads? Or do too many pop up between times you check the forums?

Re: thread necro'ing is good


JenifryConan Wrote: Having different sorting options would be nice. While I like the current sorting option as a default, I'd like the ability to sort by new for a change.

Oooh, that would be nice. Not sure how much work that would be for the programmers but it sounds be kinda helpful.

But yeah, I'd much prefer if people didn't make the exact same "looking for empire building story" thread every other month, but would build off the older ones.

Re: thread necro'ing is good

If a topical thread is still here, unclosed, and available for comment, then it is.  If the site promotes the issue in the queue, or notes a new response in some other way, then it does. I personally have not noted that such "revivals" have been so many as to "bury" new threads. I usually open the categories and actually look at the lists for topics I feel I might respond to, not just look at the header issues O' the day,  so it dosen't affect or guide my participation. Generally the queue is ordered by time of last reply anyway.  I can imagine it might annoy some but it doesn't affect me personally.  I don't think the queue is ordered LIFO in any exact way, maybe it is. Replies indicate member current interest though.   

Re: thread necro'ing is good


FAHyatt Wrote: Replies indicate member current interest though.

Excellent point, and I am doing exactly what this thread is about (this comment is about 2 months after the last comment). I do think continuing discussion on an established topic is valid on message boards, aka necro-ing.

Based on points written up-thread, and my own opinions here’s some support for this premise:
It tends to keep all discussion related to one topic innately collated (collected) under fewer threads
Further, in the book chapter discussions RR innately allows sub-threads to be displayed (like reddit) which also enables discussions to remain condensed to one area
Over a long period, it enables are larger pool of people sustain discussion of the same topic
It reduces the spamming of the same topic on separate threads in the same forum
It simplifies searching for specific topics throughout the website

Here’s some criticism of this premise:
If threads are sorted by newest post, it refreshes the discussion of topics that some readers would rather forget about
It creates the illusion that there isn’t discussion of diverse topics on a board/forum, by reducing the thread count
It reduces the sense of novelty that new threads provide to some users

However, if necro-ing is common,
It would be considered “hasty” if someone ignored the entire prior discussion of a topic in a forum/board, just to blurt their opinion without supporting evidence or reasoning. However, just by reading these types of comments with a critical eye this tendency just leads to a conclusion that the newest comment is ill-considered or baseless, not that it’s rude or improper.
It could lead to 10+ pages on the same topic, which might require a new reader to do a lot of reading to catch up to the current views on the topic.
This would easily allow all readers to identify the most popular topics of discussion, over a vast period of time.
If a sub-topic is popular enough on a multi-page thread, a new topic can be started and simply refer to the original thread by page number.