Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

BmustG Wrote: So what do you think ? is there  a point after which even "but its a fantasy world" can not be used as an argument ?

I am going to horribly paraphrase a trailer that made me laugh: "our mission? To seek out new life, new civilizations... AND BONE THEM!" (insert jokes about Kirk romancing anything that had a skirt, no matter what).

The human species has always sought out the "exotic". Non-africans carry between 1 and 3% of DNA from our cousin species Homo Neanderthalensis, and asian-oceanian populations have 2 to 4% from Homo Denisova ("native" americans fall into that category - they apparently migrated after their ancestors boned the aforementioned Denisovans). Both were species with very obvious distinctive features from Homo Sapiens. Didn't bother our ancestors, obviously.

Not that it was one-sided - we do have two attested hybrids remains from mating between Neanderthals and Denisovans, both from a cave where both species apparently frequently met and lived side by side. Close side by side, obviously.

Of course, both cousin species were closely related to us. But the fact is: if that's compatible with the... ahem... equipment, and we can properly flirt with them (or them with us, in case they are slightly more aggressive on that point, which is quite hard to believe)... then it is going to happen. Frequently and vigorously. (and it does happen a lot in scifi as well, not just fantasy, btw)

The eventual offspring is an entirely different conversation.

Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

Seeing as a golem is an inorganic construct, it would not have the drive to procreate.

Additionally, as it usually has neither sentience nor sapience, it would be unable to engage in abstract or emotional concepts, such as romance.

That being said, if the setting is such that a golem is a captured or rescued soul placed inside a construct, or is a highly complex  AI (like Vision), the capacity for romance is there, along with the conflict of desires and a body unable to fill those desires