Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

Without going too deep (bad, unintended pun), there are a number of factors that should probably be considered (I'm largely basing this off the factors that drive speciation IRL):

- Physical compatibility (i.e. can the parts fit). After all, it's kinda hard for boinking to happen if part A can't fit into parts B, C, or D. This could be due to size, shape, or even location/accessibility of said parts

- Habitat compatibility. If partner 1 can't survive in partner 2's habitat, then likelihood of meeting to become attracted, let alone a subsequent boink fest, is highly unlikely. Can often be waved away by Magic ™

- Timing factors. If the species' oestral/menstrual cycles don't line up, then boinking (especially instinct-driven) will not happen. This is less of an issue in sapient species

- Attraction. TBH, I'm not an expert in everything that goes into the concept of attraction. For sure, it is a combination of nature and nurture.
   - From the nature standpoint, species should have an evolutionary drive to procreate in some form or another. As such, this should drive an instinctual baseline attraction to one's own species or related species that are similar in form and are compatible for producing viable (even if sterile) offspring. A good real-life example of this would be  Donkey + Horse = Mule/Hinny or Lion + Tiger = Liger/Tigron. Similar fantasy examples would be humans getting it on with elves, maybe dwarves, and successfully procreating; dfferent goblinoid species successfully boinking, and orcs (depending on definition of humanoid or goblinoid) successfully sowing their wild oats with their respective group. This can also be a source of variation within the various beastkin - tigerkin and lionkin might be able to interbreed, but not wolfkin and bearkin, for example.
   - From the nurture standpoint, one's instinctual inclination may be swayed by exposures and life experiences. A human who grows up in a society that fetishizes orcs might develop a preference for a tall, broad, tusked beauty. Similarly, someone who has experienced abuse as the hands of their own or a separate race might be reactively turned off by that/those race/s. Lastly, someone who has grown up in an isolated area, with only their own kind, may be quite reactionary to the idea of miscegenation or, may swing the entirely opposite way. In a similar fashion, those exposed to a variety of different forms may have the opportunity for an attraction to develop that would otherwise be nonsensical, such as an orc who lived near a colony of sentient giant ants (insectoid, no humanoid secondary sexual characteristics) developing a relationship with a worker, plotting a theft of royal jelly, and running off to start their own un-/successful colony

Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

I admit I haven't read every response on this thread yet.  Is the Ant in question the Antinium in Wandering Inn?  I thought that Pirate did a great job of discussing the toys and implements needed to take a romantic relationship sexual. 

In terms of interspecies sex, the Ringworld series by larry Niven has a massive world with hundreds of different sapient races.  there is a practice called rather universally "Rishanthra" or Rish.  basically, if you are different races, banging is like a handshake, and there are lots of guides and books and such on how to make it work between any two species. 

I've read lots of different writings of interspecies relationships, some sexy, some only romantic, and to be honest, where there's a will, there's a way. 

Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

Can you get romantically involved with another sapient species, even if you're phisically incompatible? Sure you can, people already get it on with actual animals and keep in mind that in this fantasy world, they're not animals, but sapients.

Would it be generally accepted? Probably depends on where you go. In some places it will be, in others not so much.

Will there be offspring? Without magical assistance, probably not. They're not a different package for extremely similar genes like with different dog breeds, they're actually different species. Humans and chimps, not humans with slightly weird humans

Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

It’s kinda bullshit, biologically soeaking as well. Let’s keep the part where they could procreate away for now (because with the extra strands of DNA the cat requires, beastkind would most certainly not be possible, nor fertile and will always have the syndrome of Down.
Let’s focus on the actual part where they are weird, sick fucks, and decide animals exist to be used as sex toys. Different species procreate via different means, not every species has the human anatomy for it. I won’t go further into this territory, but I’ll just let your mind rest on the example of an ‘ant’ for now....

It’s weird, impossible, en kinky as hell. (Btw, you truly expect me to believe that there isn’t a shit ton of racism?)

Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

The short answer. Yes.

The medium answer. It takes the skill of the writer to create a believable, yet non-creepy flow into the relationship. First and most important, the non-human partner must be intelligent and able to give consent in a meaningful way. That means it is not just some animal mating instinct, but a real relationship. If not, then you are just writing a weird bestiality smut. 

Humor can be used. In the film galaxy quest character Fred Kwan and the alien Liliari got together, through a combination of humor and her ability to appear sort of human. Tentacles aren't my thing, but who am i to judge? 

The big question is, how does the author want this to appear? Is it love, is it a fetish, or is it just smut? Deciding ahead of time and carefully constructing the situation is needed to make it fit in the frame you desire.

The long answer..meh it's late and I am lazy.

Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

As a person who believes the most important thing about a person is their personality, I have to disagree that personality can only go so far.  In fact, based on everything that I have seen and noticed, a great relationship with someone is the least dependent on sex, and the most dependent on their personalities being compatible.  People divorce all the time because despite everything else, their personalities didn't fit well together.

So personality is everything.  For example, I can enjoy all the various cute animal people, demonized people, elves, tsunderes, shotas, lolis, kuuderes, gods, whatever, without it being even remotely sexual in the slightest.   Personalities, emotions, how they feel and react, the amusing parts, the tough parts, the soft parts, and other aspects of their personalities.   That is the core of someone, that is what matters.  You dont need sex to enjoy spending time together or just to enjoy something in general.

People like eating food after all.  So yeah, personality is the most 100% important thing.

And yes, I do recognize with my personality, I would probably be a super doting parents.   And I think that is just fine!  

Anyways, that was my rant.  To sum it all up, personality compatibility is the main thing that matters.   

Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

as you said, it realy depends on the race they are, and by the way just saying, depending on the difference in biology, it just cant happen, it is not possible.
for example as you said: an ant and human, this is just not possible, even if it may be humanoid it is not possible unless the difference is so small that it is negligible an example would be antennas larger eyes, small differences in organs, but they must have the exact same purpose only different appearence.

but otherwise it is just not possible, there is a reason why those weirdos who fuck animals, dont get the animal pregnant, it is just not possible with such large difference in their biology, lets say if its a live neanderthal, humans can have sex with a neanderthal no problem, they have a certain chance of getting the thing pregnant.

it all really depends on the genus, lets say it is an entirely different genus, it does not work, but if it's merely a different species and same genus, it works, this is why lions and tigers can breed and get a new hybrid, although the hybrid will have defects, it is possible, but it is not possible if its a dog and cat, that is why you dont have dog-cat hybrids. it is just notpossible with such a large difference in biology.

though since it's fantasy; fuck it, dont care about it, and do what ever the hell you want.

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The problem with this is even though these stories are completely fantasy people still want it to be something realistic or something that you could explain. And than you would have to go throught the process of explaining all of this. But that in itself is still not the problem. The problem is that we humans just wouldn't want to read something like that. It's like learning that someone slept with their dog. Or if aliens existed and they were really green and had oval shaped heads. I wouldn't necessarily judge someone else for doing it but I myslef wouldn't do it. And a communication barrier would definitely come in as well. Because of all these different species they definitely wouldn't all have the same language.

Basically I'm saying for people it's kind of disturbing to read. Like on your picture scale if they were under the 20% it would be one thing but having intercourse with an animal is just strange and disgusting. Oh yes and with an animal their mind and their instincts ar wired differently. There would be no consent.

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AS long as sex is possible it will definitly happen at some point. 

When you see what the real world is able to do (men/women fucking horses, dogs, cats, cars, vegetables, dolphins,) and how weird some kinks look to vanilla me (popping balloon, falling in the mud, having sex in raw flesh of dead animals etc...)... So knowing all the shit that happens in our current world, i can definitely imagine a man finding an Ant that can give him a handjob and both of them finding pleasure in the act... 

And for what's romance about, as long as both parties are sapient enough it is possible. (Again, the real world shows us some strange interactions between men and animals, on both sides.) 

The real world is weird, so why should fantasy world be any less? 

Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

This entire thread is a gold mine. I haven't stopped laughing at some of these responses. OP you deserve some kind of award for this post lol.

Anyways, is it possible? Sure. Do people actually want to read it? Debatable. Aside from humanoid being such as Elves, Tieflings, Fairies, and so forth I doubt anyone would really want to read a weird bestiality type story (exclude Beauty and the beast because that one is genuinely an exception). I have never bought a book with such a romance story and nor do I ever intend to. I'm sure it's the same for my friends who also read a lot.

Re: Interracial relationships - are they actually possible ?

In fiction, the author's imagination is the only barrier to something like inter-species relationships functioning.

I always tend to think of things like Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, etc... as different species, rather than races. I know it's common for authors to refer to them as races, but I just don't see them that way.

To me, races are groups within a given species with extremely superficial/cosmetic differences; none of which mean much of anything except when we decide to make an issue of them based upon some sort of prejudice or bias.

If you desire to have two characters of different species copulate, breed, marry, whatever... you, as the author have the absolute ability to make this happen, should you choose to. The justification for this working is only limited by your own ability to be creative and break past any bias you may have.

If you write it, and you're having fun writing it, chances are others will enjoy reading it. :)