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Hey everyone! I posted this thread before about a year ago under a different account (I wanted to change my author name and did a lot of editing, so I decided to start fresh). Mods, just like last time, if this thread is misplaced, you won't get a complaint from me if you remove it. My hope is that this thread could become a repository for character suggestions that anyone could use or modify for their own projects.

Anyways, I am working on a story where the premise is that several million players of an MMORPG called Annwyn Online find themselves pulled into an alternate reality based on the game. Their minds have literally been placed into the bodies of their characters. They have access to their class/subclass abilities, friends lists, guilds, all items/weapons/armors, and levels they had prior to The Event that pulled them into the world.

I am getting to a point in the story where I have a large list of minor named characters, but I don't have any names to use because I am hot garbage at coming up with usernames. So this is where you guys come in (hopefully, if you want). I need username suggestions!

So here are the conditions:
  1. Names must be PG13 (aka no "xXx_pussyslayer69_xXx")
  2. Names should be readable in narration/dialogue. Characters/numbers are 100% allowed for "system dialogue", as long as you offer a readable "nickname" to go with your name. (Examples: C4551 = Cassi. [N]ix = Nix. JonJon32110 = JonJon)
  3. Joke/Meme names have to be exceptionally good to be chosen.
  4. If your name appears in the story, you will be credited in the story by the name you'd prefer to go by (please state what you want to be credited as in your comment, either your username or some other name, or if you do not wish to receive credit, state that as well).
  5. Please specify if you are okay with having your character appear as an antagonist. I need a lot of minor antagonists so I would prefer it if I got names for these characters.
  6. You can suggest multiple names as a party of players, guild names are also welcome. If you have a backstory you'd like your character to follow, you can suggest that as well and I will attempt to follow it / modify it to closely fit with the story.
There are 12 classes players can choose, and you're free to use whichever you want:

  1. Sentinel. High defensive/resistance stats, high HP. Moderate damage. This class's primary duty is absorbing damage that their allies would otherwise take through maintaining mob aggro and appropriate use of shielding spells. Low mobility. Can 1 hand 2-handed weapons.
  2. Dragoon. High defensive stats, lower HP than Sentinels. Moderate damage, moderate mobility. This class primarily uses a shield and glaive/stave type weapon, though they can use swords. Their mounts get passive bonuses and will aid them in combat and tanking duties. This class cannot 1 hand 2-handed weapons.
  3. Berserker. Highest HP in the game, extremely low resistance stats (receives penalties from wearing armor). High HP regen and kit-included life steal. High DPS output. High mobility. The only class in the game with a crowd control escape tool that works on self. This class excels at tanking through kiting. At level 25, receives an ability that allows them to continue fighting passed 0HP. At level 50, this ability lets them "revive" without being forced to return to a Player City or safe zone in a dungeon. At level 75-100, this ability can be cast at any time and the duration is extended.
  1. Druid. Primary healing and Shielding class. This class has nature-themed spells and excels at both AoE and single-target healing, as well as sustained and burst healing. Moderately long spell cooldowns are offset by potency of spells. This class can take on the appearance of their chosen nature familiar.
  2. Caster. Utility support that excels at crowd control, buffs, and debuffs. Relatively short spell cooldowns are offset by diminishing returns on casting the same spell on the same target. Low damage, nonexistent healing/shielding.
  3. Bard. Casts their spells through their musical instruments. AoE buffs and debuffs are less potent than a Caster's but their durations are far longer.
DPS - Mage
  1. Sorcerer. High spell variety and fairly low mana costs are offset by long spell cooldowns. Elementalist builds are the most common due to synergies between casting the same spell school. High damage, but extremely weak defensively. Low mobility.
Hybrid - Mage
  1. Summoner. Carries a grimoire which contains a list of summonable minions to aid them in battle. Low personal offensive ability, but can utilize any spells their summons have access to. High utility is offset by long cooldowns and extremely high mana costs. Every 25 levels, they can summon 1 extra minion. At level 50, they can summon 1 sentient being (examples include Sword Princes/Princesses) in place of 2 normal minions. At level 100, can summon 2 in place of 4. Mounts summoned by a whistle are not included in these totals, but mounts summoned through the grimoire are. Moderate mobility.
DPS - Physical Damage
  1. Rogue. Specializes in stealth and critical strike attacks. At a high enough level, these players are basically invisible to all NPCs and most players who don't have a high enough perception skill. Extremely high mobility allows for repositioning to strike from their enemy's blind spots. Highest single target damage in the game offset by low DPS.
  2. Ranger. Common builds include Attack Speed, On-hit damage, and critical strike builds (usually some combination of the above). At a high enough level, these players can rival earth snipers with their range with either a bow and arrow or a crossbow. Extremely low mobility. Second highest single target damage in the game when built properly.
  3. Sword Saint. Only class in the game that can dual-wield weapons. Any player can attack with two swords, but only Sword Saints have skills based around the art form. Moderately high mobility allows for quick positioning and chasing down targets.
  4. Stave Saint. Shares some spells with Sword Saints, can use stave-type weapons for ranged attacks with no penalties. Slightly lower mobility than Sword Saints is offset by higher single target damage.
There are subclasses players can choose, but these aren't fully fleshed out. There are also professions. Most likely I'll assign these to characters, though I'll take your builds into consideration when doing that.

Besides these classes, players have access to several races they can choose:
  1. Human. Middle ground base stats. Doesn't excel at any one field, but isn't terrible at any either. Skin tone ranges from black to pale.
  2. Seelie Elf. High mana pool, low health pool. Slender builds and slightly taller than humans on average. Yes, their ears are slightly pointed. Skin tone is roughly the same range as humans.
  3. Runic Elf. Extremely high mana pool, extremely low health pool. Slightly shorter than humans on average. Tattoos on their body are actually runes which channel powerful spells based on the class chosen. Skin tone ranges from dark grey to pale blue. Eye color ranges from purple to dark blue.
  4. Dwarf. An extinct race, no one knows what happened to them. They are said to have built the Unseelie cities now controlled by the players. Shorter than humans on average. Low mana pool, high health pool. Skin tone is roughly the same range as humans.
  5. Cait Sidhe. The cat people, native to South Amren (the story takes place on North Amren). High agility and dexterity. Moderate health and mana pools. Fur color ranges the same as earth cats.
  6. Cu Sidhe. The dog people, native to South Amren. High agility, high health, low mana pools. Fur color and appearance ranges the same as earth dogs.
  7. Spiderling. Possess 8 eyes, but this can be masked to appear more human. Can alter their form between half human/spider and either full human in appearance or full spider. Their exoskeleton color ranges the same as earth spiders. Can spin silk that is comparable in strength to braided Kevlar (though it does deteriorate in strength over time).
  8. Vampire. Players who become vampires retain whatever race they had selected above, but now receive penalties for traveling in direct sunlight. Healing spells and potions hurt them. HP regeneration is incredibly high in the shadows and they are nigh impossible to kill at night. Incredibly low mana regeneration rates, but they do have slightly stronger spell strength.
Players can choose other skins that alter their racial appearance if they own the proper masquerade items. These basically cover any fantasy races not explicitly mentioned above, except the Unseelie.

The story takes place on a world that looks similar to earth called Gaea. The continents are the same, but are spread further apart (basically 1 for each server region). The story takes place primarily in North America (North Amren), but there are players who will appear later in the story from the UK server and South Amren (the south american server). The main locations used so far are New Yorck City (the Ruins of Yorck), Philadelphia (Delphianna), New Orleans (Orleana), Fort Knox (Knox), and Boulder (Godsfall). With the exception of Knox, these are all player cities. Yorck has the highest population of new players and players in general. Orleana is predominantly a pirate-themed roleplaying area.

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This actually sounds like a great concept. I'm no expert, but I haven't seen a mass isekai like that before, and I'm curious about it. I also like your organization, which suggests good writing.

Based on my time in WoW, I think the best usernames you'll find are going to be either "sounds fantasy" or fit a particular mythos. The best man at my wedding mained (and probably still does, as I don't think he quit) a human paladin named Loefwine, taken from Arthurian legend. My wife's human paladin was Myrie. I doubt either would mind you using them respectfully. Loefwine would be an experienced gamer, while Myrie would be a newbie (she played for about a year mostly to hang out with us). 

My characters, or anyway the ones I remember off the top of my head, were Maenae (hunter), Wuchao (mage), Idath (priest), Vindalf (monk), Nadath (death knight), Macktee (warrior), Mjothvitnir (shaman), and Finnegon (druid, yes, spelled that way). I didn't go into funky characters, but you can do replacements on those if you'd like. Maenae, Idath, and Nadath were semi-made up. Wuchao is Mandarin, and simply Wu + Chao. Finnegon was for a worgan, so I wanted something fantasy-British-commoner. Vindalf and Mjothvitnir were taken from the same catalog of dwarf names in the Eddas that Tolkien used for The Hobbit; they mean wind-elf and mead-wolf, respectively. (And it's pronounced "M'yoth-vit-near." It's the same initial sound as in Mjolnir. I always knew when the raid leader was about to give me an assignment because there'd be this awkward pause. I seriously didn't realize how hard it would be for others to pronounce, so that might make for an amusing name for you to use.) 

Major characters from Norse sagas, the Arthurian legends, Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, and martial figures from history are all excellent names to use. Caesar, for example, might be a common one and so a character might use C3sar to get close. If there's a significant sea-faring culture in there, then characters from Horatio Hornblower, as well as real-life Age of Sail figures, would probably be very prevalent. 

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NovelNinja Wrote: This actually sounds like a great concept. I'm no expert, but I haven't seen a mass isekai like that before, and I'm curious about it. I also like your organization, which suggests good writing.

Based on my time in WoW, I think the best usernames you'll find are going to be either "sounds fantasy" or fit a particular mythos.

If you've heard of the anime/light novel Log Horizon, that's the basic setting and premise. Originally my story started as fanfic of the American server, but I wasn't really a fan of Mamare's vision and I wanted all players to be on equal footing with each other (aka no rule breaks that only the main cast gets).

You're pretty much spot on on the types of names I'm after. I have a list of about 70 suggestions I came up with, most borrowed from my time on the avatar site, Gaiaonline.

I've posted my story before on a different account, but I ended up pulling it after I got stuck due to a lack of names for minor characters. Usernames are way harder to come up with than human/elf names 😅

Thank you again for your detailed response :)

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You can also think up names by creating compound words, like Warblade, Frostedge, Dawncaller, Snakecharmer, Dirtdiver, Sunhunter, and so on. I knew a girl in college with the last name Firehammer. No, not kidding; there were men there who wanted to marry her and take her name. (She held out for a better offer.) 

Send me a PM when your story is up. 

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Sounds neat! :D. Hmm, no shapeshifter class so that's my WoW druid out.  Summoner, ok got one of those:

WickedSheep, female summoner.  This character was named after the gobball set of armor in Dofus, which is a ram head helm (white, wooly, horned, has X eyes), a sheepskin cloak, and boots with cloven hooves on them.  WickedSheep was a demon with bone white skin.  No demons in this set, so how about a white spiderling?  Could modify the name to WickedWeaver, nice alliteration too. :)  I have no problem being a thief or assassin type villain, though I'd prefer not to be a sadistic dominatrix, lol.  I could be the creepy cheerful cook of a villain team, maybe.  If I can spin silk, traps or a combat ability that temporarily glues an opponent in place sound like a great combo with my summon.  If I get a bow like a WoW hunter I can imagine thinking it would be hilarious to wear a costume item of white elf ears (but still 8 eyes) and tell people I'm a half elf.

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Here's a fun pair for you-- These can be antagonists if you wish. :)

Sisyphus Marble, the Cait Sidhe Stave Saint. He's very short for a Cait Sidhe, with white fur which is in a constant state of poof. Rather than trying to work against his looks, he uses them to his advantage in making his opponents underestimate him. He also prefers to talk his way out of conflicts where he can, and his "cute" appearance helps would-be enemies to relax. Timid and peace-loving at heart, he relies on Adamant Lace to push him into action when violence is nessesary. 

Adamant Lace, the Cu Sidhe Berserker. Tall and broad, with bronzy fur pulled into an array of beaded braids and ponytails. She's selfish, foolish, prone to thinking she's better than everyone else, and she knows all of this about herself. She knows that people like her tend to find themselves taking long walks off of short planks, and she also knows that she's terrible at stopping these bad habits from getting in her own way, so she relies on Sisyphus to act as her moral compass when needed. In return, she is willing to get her hands dirty whenever his timid heart gets in the way.

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Widowspeak Treelurker - a spiderling druid.  Has trouble with vertigo and depth perception when more than two eyes are opened (didn't have that problem in life.. but the transition wasn't super kind).  Tends to rotate through which eye pairs are active fairly regularly.  May make eyeblink patterns when bored.  Known does not like travel, sticks to his? her? its? grove.  Never seen out of spider or hybrid form.  Striped brown coloration, as wolf spider.  Does not like to make silk.  May make silk when severely startled. Territorial loner.

Use (or don't) any way you like, no need for credit. 

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Calendi Flameheart - Female Dwarf Mage.  Short copper hair, freckles.  Was told nobody could make a useful caster dwarf.  Tried to prove the doubters wrong.  May not have succeeded.  Specializes in fire.

Keltaenin mac Tiern - Male Human Berserker.  Tall, dark, ugly.  Blocked too many hits with his face.  Crafty but hides it behind the "dumb brute" appearance.  Charisma works as a bonus for intimidation, but a negative for friendship/ persuasion type effects (threats are understood, attempts a friendship are awkward and ominous) 

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Party named Shattered Crystal. Symbol is a standard dungeon core crystal split in six shards.
Dwarf Vampire Rogue, Designation: 
Shattered Eldritch Dream(dream or Cap'n)(non binary) Black skin, black hair, steel grey eyes. Whip marks across body, half of chest looks like it got a really hot blade dragged through the skin a few times.
Runic elf druid, Designation:
Broken Crystal(Stal)(Female) Cobalt blue skin, magenta eyes, void black hair. 
Seelie Elf Vampire Berserker,Designation:
The Elder God(Del)(Male) Ghost white hair and skin, red eyes. The forgettable kind of look.
Cu Sidhe Sentinel, Designation:
Bloody Baron(Red)(Male)(Dates Crys) Husky colours and white eyes. Missing top half of left ear. We don't say why.
Cait Sidhe Sword Saint, Designation:
Crystal Dreams(Crys)(Chris)calico colours, brown eyes. Scars from getting in too close across body
Human sorcerer, Designation:
Shattered Soul(Kent)(Male) off white skin, blonde hair, emerald green eyes. Lanky, twig like look, scars on arms.

Group travels a bunch, started in godsfall. 

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I usually do my last name Pauliuk or my FGC name Nooj as character name. Normally a human monk but since you don’t have a monk you can pick whatever is closest.

Other ideas would be Ser Ubboth the Runic Elf Caster who wants to study the magic system in depth.

Queen0fKin, a spiderling summoner who wants to grow the spiderling population by forming or joining an army.

Finally, Pyrus the Vampire druid, whose only focus is to heal his allies.

Do with these as you will.

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Choo Mi : Tank (Sentinel) obviously. Dwarf or whatever race has high HP or HP regen.  Alternate spelling: Chu Mi.

It's a joke name with background. Notably, not Asian (Choo), and the Mi is from Myocardial Infarction which nearly killed the player on Earth. The “Choo” could come from a love of trains as a child.

Personality: What's the most important quality for being a tank? Is it heavy armor? Is it HP? No, my friends, it is the ability to keep aggro. Thus, Choo Mi is a very VERY annoying character. Professionally so. Extremely punchable, handsome face. Extremely punchable, arrogant personality (you can give him some depth if you wish, though). This quality transcends species and intelligence barriers. Monsters just want to... Eat his face. And chew on it. A lot. Party members may just want to see this happen, as well.

Can be played for comic relief or as a villain character. Even when on the heroes' side, you are going to want to punch him in his punchable face. But very, very good at holding aggro.

Attribution not needed.

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TheRottingBard Wrote:
Fuchsia Wrote: Slips.

A traveling bard with a habit of slipping his fingers in pockets and taking them out a few coins richer.

A bard you say! We’ll be good friends in this game world.

But of course. Who else would be playing the music that rots away the crowds consciousnesses while I distract them with a tale?

It's a team effort!

Just don't forget that I  receive the kings share of 95-5% profits gained. After all, I'm the one risking my hand by dipping it into pockets. Who knows what could be in those things? One time, I saw this fella put his hand in a pocket and it sucked him right in, body and all. Screamed like he stubbed his toe. All his toes. At once. Not pleasant, I tell you.