Re: World Building System (by u/mr_nefarious_)


Quote:Food - Surface Culture 
The French are not happy with that point.

You can find the religious part in Deep Culture's Societal Values, Attitudes Towards Death or even Politic's System of Gouvernement. I think OP wasn't referring to the dogma but how the Major Religions looks, hence the "Surface". Religious Hierarchy? Mass? Churches/Temples? Blue/Red Wololo monks? 

Re: World Building System (by u/mr_nefarious_)

As someone who really likes micro-world building, i would definitely put food at the top of the list, and raise clothing a few pegs. Also religion id absolutely have in the "politics" section, especially if your writing a fantasy as the two have been interchangeable across most of history.

That aside its an amazing road map. Artifexian (world building youtuber) would be proud