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If you like slow-burn romance, knights, magic, monsters, and deep worldbuilding, go check The Beast and The Swallow. Book I is finished, Book II is currently ongoing. 

In a far-away land of snow and mystery, the fates of two bastards entangle.
He is a warrior and a ruler. She is a physician with a tormented past.
Now both of them will have to learn not only to live together but also to fight against any and all that threaten to ruin their happiness. Amongst chaos, schemes, and war, will they manage to fulfill the most difficult task - finding the way to each other's heart and soul?
The path won’t be easy. A dark cult and even darker magic are resurfacing after years of slumber. And while they wreak havoc in the lands of Norden, the Star-gazer’s voice echoes in the night heralding a dangerous future:
When the Beast falls, the Swallow shall triumph.
For the Sun to shine over Norden, the Swallow must be devoured.

Not convinced yet? How about some cover-art and meeting the main characters?



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This is a story about a young adult, Darius, his ambition to secure an above average job, to make himself useful and his parents proud.
This is a story about humanity, animals and plants, and their interaction with the bringer of „magic“, Program.
This is a story about the admins of Program and their daily struggles with solving Program errors, caused by the users of Program (humanity included) and the other, more chaotic admins.
(not a LitRPG)
cover source: Pinterest

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Title: Shadow 
Genres: Fantasy. Adventure. Drama, Romance. Harem. Mature. Action. Cultivation. Reincarnation. World Building. Magic and Cultivation. 
After an exalted powerhouse uses an ancient artefact that shakes the universe, a dark soul is born.  
The dark soul finds a body and takes it over. He finds out that his new life will be filled with dangers, uncertainties and schemes.  
To ensure his survival and live a fulfilling life, the Dark Soul must find a solution and a path that is suitable for him to conquer adversity and become powerful.


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Life in a different world has its challenges, even if it’s the life you’re supposed to lead ...

If you'd like to read a cultivation story without arrogant young masters or murderhobo MCs, I may have something for you.
Reverse Reincarnation is the story of a girl transmigrated into a cultivation world as the princess of an empire, supposed to continue the life she used to lead before her time on Earth. She just doesn't remember it. Plus, there are secrets her family keeps, and people are after her for reasons beyond her control. She'd like to just focus on research and kickstarting an industrialization, but she'll have to make time for that between dealing with politics, wars, and spirits ...

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*Emotionless beings           *Supernatural              *Low fantasy
     *Bullying               *Depression              *Amnesia           *Dissociation


*Ambiguous morals     *Orphanage/ boarding school       *Species discrimination        
       *Revenge            *Realistic                *Slower paced 33k words

                             Weird savior to a demon race is born.

                             Is he the good guy, or is he truly evil?

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FantasyBliss30 Wrote: BTW, I also liked the gif of the fireworks that you posted in your promotional post. That was festive!!
Here is the scene from my story DOTS, where I use that Fireworks GIF, from The Book of CHASTITY:

     Hank awoke the next morning as one of his most pleasant dreams about Rio turned into the worst of his PEP Test nightmares. The horror of it now became clear. People frolicking in Aika’s glade burned and exploded like car bombs until a great darkness descended, crushing everything. In hindsight, the PEP Test nightmare looked for all the world like a premonition of last night’s plane crash and fire.
     Now more fully awake, Hank had no time for dream analysis. Rio was strangling him with the leather belt she gave him from Milton's. She knelt over Hank with her knees on his elbows, pinning him with perfect precision. With the belt folded double and wrapped around both her hands, she bore her full weight on his trachea.
     Hank bucked and Rio flew over his head, bouncing off the wall and shower pipes. After a life-saving breath, she was on him again in an instant, attacking now from behind. Grayness turned to black as his brain starved for air.
     He reached up and grabbed her by the temples, digging in her mind until he found her little girl heart. It spoke from a place of great sorrow. I love you and I’m sorry.
     Hank's heart spoke in kind.  Please let me go.
     Rio knew enough about Dreamwatching to understand what Hank was doing, and what had happened to her. “They got to me!” she cried out, loud and strong. “There’s black in me!”
     Her little girl heart cried out too. Help me!
     Her heart fought the black with all the strength it could muster, but demons and monsters and grizzly bears bit her and clawed her and sawed her. Pieces of her flew like bumblebees. The stench of Death was overwhelming, like vomit and burning jet fuel. And everywhere everyone everything, screaming and screaming and screaming.
     Help me!
     In Rio’s mind, Hank strode through the chaos like vapor. He reached her little girl heart, shredded and beaten to bits, and gathered up all its pieces. Then, with his heart wrapped wholly around hers, protecting it from the slaughter, her turned to face its tormentors.
     They exploded like festival fireworks. Nothing remained but the glory.
     Hank sputtered and coughed once Rio released his neck from the leather belt. She lay in a crumpled heap, sobbing far worse than she'd done the night before. Dry heaves churned her guts, until she gained enough strength to drag herself to the toilet and puke. Grasping the bowl with both hands, she spewed oily vomit so forcefully that some of it got in her eyes.
     Hank crawled over and held her hair out of the toilet. “It’s going to be all right,” he said, still gasping to catch his breath. “It’s over.”
     Rio spat and stank. “No, it’s not! Now it’s in you!”
     “I’m going to be all right.”
     She attacked him again, this time with mercy instead of hate. “Give them back!” she cried, trying to place her hands on his temples. “Give them to me and then kill me!”
     Rio was so broken that she was no match for Hank. He easily overpowered her and, as they hugged on her bathroom floor, all she could do was hang her mouth open and cry.
     He gently placed her hands on his temples, then placed his upon hers. “Look,” he said. “I’m okay.”
     What had been towering monsters to Rio, ten meters tall and even taller, were tiny black dots in Hank’s mind. His depth was so great and his compassion so keen that it took effort to even find them. They now begged him for his mercy, but all he did was ignore them.
     Rio’s heart beat fast, with both fear and admiration. She thought it might soon explode. “I don’t understand!” she said. “How?”
     Hank shrugged while holding her tight. “I don’t know. I just can.”
     “My sweet!” she exclaimed, the fire in her never ending. “I love you!”

Isn't that pretty?

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    Synopsis: Peace in the continent of Westlanding has been broken. Word was reached the people of Astria that the banner of the Talons has been raised for the first time in six hundred years, inciting a rebellion that threatens to overthrow the neighboring nation of Mandere. Among the good people of Astria is Narelle Kastellic, whose  young brother is bitten by a feral beast of the Kethalian Wastes.  While the neighboring nations of Mandere and Voron go to war, Narelle must embark on a perilous journey with a small band of companions, guided by an enigmatic bard to the mighty vormen college of Ithras Anthil, where there is a chance her brother may be healed.

These seemingly separate events will draw unlike people closer and together, will unknowingly decide whether the fragile realm will finally be mended or broken.

LINK: On Paths Of Crimson Soil (His Champion's Gifts: Book 1)

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The End of Disappointment

Hi, you must be here to listen (or read, I guess) to me and my fellow authors stroke our egos to the brilliance of our stories. Worry not, however, because you are in experienced hands. Ha, okay. I said that. 


Ghost. Butcher. Murderer. Some men attract names like flies, and Ryu Ishida is one of them. Once the son of a noble house, he knows firsthand what the quest for power in the world of the Rings can do to a man’s mind, yet he can only continue down the bloody path he started long ago, hoping that at its finish, he’ll find the end to his disappointment.
Four hundred years after a portion of humanity was ripped from Earth and thrust into a world of magic, monsters, and swords, whatever cruel gods rule the Rings are stirring once more, and with them comes the chaos of progress.
Monsters roam the land. Corruption breeds unchecked. Murderers slay their way to the heights of power.
Ryu’s life could only be described as disappointing.

Why you might like The End of Disappointment:
-A three-dimensional, complex main character 
-A gritty, realistic take on violence with superhuman abilities 
-A developing Class and leveling system that deviates from the norm as the story progresses
-A main character that does what he feels must be done, rather than what’s right
-An exploration of the trauma, hardship, and luck that is required to drive a person to lust for power
-Gallows humor inspired by the writings of authors like Joe Abercrombie and Mark Lawrence
-Good, character-driven writing

Okay, okay. It sounds great, I know. But seriously, please check it out if you’re interested. Posting this story has been a boon to my mental health, and it makes my day to know others might find my ramblings entertaining.

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Well then, time for my monke story to shine!
Ordinary day, ordinary life, that is until, I found myself getting stabbed to death by my fellow student for reasons unknown to me. Then some kind of holographic window prompting me to reincarnate appeared while I was busy drifting through the infinite darkness of the void. Of course, I pressed yes, it’s boring here, then found myself to be a dungeon master… As a fucking monkey no less…

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I started a new novel. Pretty much the same troupe. VR and gamer kid making money and making stuff up as I go. To be honest it feels much better after writing a bit in. The story is finally shaping itself inside my head as well. The story?

Travel with Peter on his journey of world domination with his soon to be girlfriend and her sidekicks. Well, it is a lot blatant than I would like to admit but I promise you won't be too disappointed too much. Hey, if you like it, kudos to me ha!!!

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Meaning by World Boundary.

Magic was once a reality of everyday life, existing and influencing the lives of those who walked the arcane path and the ungifted alike. The existence of the supernatural was a constant since the dawn of humanity; however, in the fires of World War I the world of magic disappeared from the surface of society and the ungifted were forced to live their lives without the influence of miracles and sorcery. 
A little more than a century after the disappearance of magic, Noelle Sellers travels to Ithaca, New York to begin her job as a rookie patrolwoman. There she finds the errant mage Levi, witch siblings Lorelei and Beth, and a mystery that neither the surface world nor the hidden world of magic can explain.
When the magical realm threatens to return from its exile and its deepest denizens reemerge, Noelle and Levi have no choice but to bear witness to the depths of the world and the meaning of their own lives within it.

Cover by Daisy Drew:
Three main characters:
  • Levi (25)-A mage currently trying to run a dingy bookshop outside of magical society after a series of random endeavors in an attempt to find his true calling. Noncommittal and with a hidden past, he'd sooner eat his own shoe than go looking for trouble.
  • Noelle (23)-A fresh police officer new to town. She is a normal human with no knowledge of magic. Her harsh and stubborn personality causes her to drag Levi kicking and screaming into a quest to solve the mystery currently afflicting Ithaca, NY.
  • Lorelei (13/14)-A witch, someone who possesses magical power outside of the typical power system. She is feared by the magical community and is forced to lay low with her foster sister Beth.
The magic system works off the user's faith in a concept. Thus, spell justification are derived from real world mythology and concepts. The series is essentially an excuse for me to Google random crap in the name of research.

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Nomads of the Sea

The first instalment in a four-book series, Nomads of the Sea is an adult, multi-POV fantasy epic. The setting of the main plot is inspired by Southeast Asia and the rich cultural heritage of the people who live there. But, if traditional medieval knights and sorcerers are more your thing, there's plenty of that as well.

This book is also polished. Like...traditionally published level of polish, so check it out.

Here's an image that helped inspire the setting of the novel:

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In Capeo Continent exist a legend. A talltale story of three grand houses where the Wizard lives. Each promise either truth, wonder, or if you were truly fated —salvation. Whether you're drowning in debt of your late grandfather's estate or escaping tomb guardian of old revenant that you "mistakenly pass", you could always try your luck at the Wizard houses. For a price of course.

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I'm currently writing a heroic fantasy with a female protagonist. Technically isekai, but it's witten more like a portal fantasy. Will probably appeal to fans of stuff like Sanderson's Cosmere.

Pushed to the brink in a life that is ending, an angry young woman makes a difficult choice; one with unimaginable consequences. Now, trapped in a new world and with nothing to lose, she sets off on a journey in search of heroism, adventure, romance, or anything else more interesting than spending another day in bed. A fast-paced portal fantasy about falling stars, attractive royals, magical weapons, military engagements, and the consistently terrible decisions of an unashamedly impetuous heroine.

Check it out here!

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Aevalin and The Age of Readventure

Klause Schuar,  the Grand Bastard who destroyed the world in his pursuit of magical power, believed to be a only legend by some, is a horror of the distance past. Though seven-hundred years after the Age of Darkness, the world is birthing itself anew—the dark magicks have receeded and the festering plague that extinguished entire kingdoms is no more. The roads have been opened and regular travel between nations is now possible. The newly formed guilds are active. Where monster hunting and dungeon diving are lucrative trades, long dead kingdoms are being rebuilt in this glorious age of rediscovery—The Age of Readventure!
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