Re: What program do you use to write?

Nowadays there are plenty of apps and programs for writing, from Word and Google Docs to things like WorldAnvil and Campfire. Some people prefer writing with the good ol' pen and paper. Given the features for premium, it seems like a decent amount of people write their stories here.

Personally I use Docs. Mostly because it's free, and I can switch almost instantly between computer and phone with it, without losing a word. I will admit that the features on mobile suck tho, lol.

What do you use?

Re: What program do you use to write?

When I first started out I used notepad, then graduated to wordpad. I spell checked using Open Office so I've no idea why I never just wrote the stuff directly there. 😆

More recently I've started using yWriter for desktop and Writer+ for mobile. I never really got into synced software because I backup (often multiple copies) religiously anyway, don't know if that's enough now I consider just how much I've written over the years.

Re: What program do you use to write?

Luddite Alert, Luddite Alert!

I always write the initial episode draft by hand, using a gel ink pen so my internal editor won't muck it up. Then I rewrite the episode in Scrivener (sometimes changing it a lot), and from there to WPS (inexpensive Word clone) for editing. Then I paste the episode into RR, editing yet again, and post that puppy.

Written in First Person, Present Tense: The White Horde | Royal Road

However, many people hate stories written in the present. So I've started a separate fiction, where I rewrite the episode into past tense, editing again as I go, and (hopefully) plugging up any minor plot holes or adding material that's needed.

Written FP, Past Tense: The White Horde (Revised) | Royal Road

Seems like a lot of work, but doing one episode at a time means I'm not baking missed-steaks quite as munch...

Re: What program do you use to write?

I use WriteitNow to draft my novels.

It's in the same vein as Scrivener and yWriter but simpler to use. In fact, it's probably a lot more like Scrivener. So it is a simpler, cheaper Scrivener that is just for novel writing. 

I am in the market for a Ms. Word alternative because I will need it for the future.

Google Docs isn't going to cut it for that because of how it lags with longer documents and I need something that can handle a long document. I don't like OpenOffice or LibreOffice. OpenOffice seems to be more stable, but isn't really supported anymore. LibreOffice, while currently get updates, seems worse for some reason. Not to mention none of the grammar checking add-ons are any good or are supported anymore. Between not getting them to work and the one that did work changes reverted when I closed the add-on, I can't say that I'm fond of it. I may have to just use MS. Word, but I'm still open for suggestion.

Re: What program do you use to write?

Open Office for writing and charts people look at. 

Excel for keeping track of any numbers that people aren't going to be looking at. 

Wikidpad for notes that aren't charts. I can hyperlink things together. Everything from household plans to complex worldbuilding and developmental editing (and also running RPGs). 

Word is only for editing manuscripts written by other people.

I have everything loaded into a paid Dropbox account, so I can instantly share between my laptop and desktop, and can view everything but Wikidpad on my phone.