Re: What are your favourite chapters that you have written?

My favorite published chapter is probably #27: Last Dinosaur from my story The Knights Himura.

It further fleshes out my favorite character, Shizuka. I had a lot of fun writing it. I kept adding more and more because I didn't want to let the scene go. Originally, it was over 5000 words long, but I split it in half. I still think the first half is better, cuz the second is a little too dire for my taste. It was necessary, though, so I'd never cut it. I just hope readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Re: What are your favourite chapters that you have written?

My latest chapter, this one: The Agni Asura of the East

Because I introduced my favorite character in it and I surprised myself how great that person turned out. To give you context, mine is fantasy based on Indian mythology, though story completely original. It is about a perfect human Prince who was brave, handsome, and kind but there is darkness lurking in his dreams. All is not what it seems. Gods and Demons will have huge role to play in my story. 

AND in that chapter, I introduce one of the main characters who is a female God. And she rocks. As I was writing her intro, I could feel she will grow to be my favorite character. Also, towards the end of the chapter, something happens that gives you the larger than life context to this story, in a very subtle but powerful way. I even got comment that the chapter is really amazing, lol. Readers do not lie. Even myself as a reader, I know I have chapters that slog but this one is muaaah.


If you feel interested, please give it a read and let me know what you think.

Re: What are your favourite chapters that you have written?

I have two answers, one for fanfic and one for original work. 

First has got to be the second to last chapter of my FMAB fic And They Were ROOMMATES. I have a lovely bait and switch where it looks like a character’s about to die before I reveal a way to save them that the readers never saw coming but was obvious in hindsight. It was the scene the whole fic was leading up to, really, and after I posted it I went to a convention for the weekend. After I got back my inbox was full of messages from readers screaming about the chapter, it was the best feeling. 

For original work I’d say it has to be chapter four of my current WIP. It has a character joining the main team for the first time (sort of), includes a clever little twist (if I do say so myself) and ends with a look at the sweeter side of the relationship between my two favorite characters. It’s also one of the longer chapters, and sets up a lot the future plot.