Re: Does creative writing help you sleep better?

Does anyone find that when they have a work-in-progress, and go to bed thinking about it, that you get to sleep faster?  I'm not writing anything at the moment, but I remember when I used to have something to work on, I would play out the scenes in my head in bed and it would help me get to sleep, like a writer's version of counting sheep.  Given the stressful times we're living through, I'm thinking about starting something just to fight insomnia.

Re: Does creative writing help you sleep better?

Yup. Nope. My stories keep me up most of the time, but it does feel amazing to drift off while I'm lost in my own little world.
I'm half delirious with exhaustion pretty much 70% of the time nowadays. 
Probably due to how many things I'm writing all at the same time.
Combining a lack of sleep with straining my brain on around 15 fictions is a double whammy. 
But if it helps you sleep, go for it. 
It's seriously not a good idea to stay up most of the time.
Sleep deprivation sucks.
I can feel my sanity draining.
Especially with all these weird hallucinations.
Sleep deprivation is the worst drug of all.
If you can kick it by writing a story, go for it.

Re: Does creative writing help you sleep better?


I've had life long sleep issues (currently 03:32 in the UK) and my writing has not helped, I've lost count of how many times I gone to bed, only to figure out the next sentence/paragraph, got up to write it and wrote for hours, which is actually a marked improvement over constantly working out how many hours I had before getting up. Admittedly lockdown has not helped either

The real kicker for me is that both a symptom of my mental health issues, and a side effect of my medication are incredibly vivid, extremely stressful dreams/nightmares, and after spending all day writing I'd have dreams about my characters/scenes, and not the fun gutting drunk scenes, the hordes of undead/cannibal mutant scenes.

On the whole though, I'm so glad I started writing, I don't think I would be coping anywhere near as well without being able to transfer a little of my stress, isolation and anger to my characters (of course they're in a nuclear apocalypse and I'm in a flat with netflix!) 

Just as a little side note that amuses me every time write it, my story is set in the fallout game universe, a key mechanic of the games is the ability to sleep almost anywhere, instantly for any amount of time, when my lead does this it profoundly annoys his insomniac commander!

Lime_Lover Wrote: Sleep deprivation sucks.

There's a reason they use it as torture

Re: Does creative writing help you sleep better?

sunandshadow Wrote: If anyone hasn't tried one yet, those weighted blankets are great for people who have anxiety or depression related sleep issues.
I have a 16lb weighted blanket and even if I want like 25lbs i LOVE it it's so nice.

i definitely have to NOT think about my stories while I'm falling asleep or else I'll end up getting up to write lmao