Please check out Solitude of Power - Project Aria

Synopsis: With great power comes, great solitude.
As people achieve bigger things, they tend to relate less and less with people and the world around them.
A journey where you have an opportunity to become something Great, something Mighty, something too Powerful from common perception, but how far can one go to achieve this, how could anyone justify things done in the name of greater good.
This story revolves in a world where towers and mana appeared and humanity was forced to survive through them, you survive and get stronger or you don't. 
Would the danger frighten you to settle down when you can or push to go back and brave a higher danger for a bigger reward?
How far does someone want to go to put down everything they have including their own life on the line to create something that did not exist before? 
Join Aria, created so, to find if she succeeds or fails in achieving the purpose of her creation. On how she copes up with the society she cannot relate to, if she builds up or breaks down in the face of uncertainty.