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==updated with new art 01/28 at post #9==

I usually don’t post art for my story in the forums, but I was recently gifted commissioned character art from a very good friend of mine! She’s such a talented artist, a wonderful friend, and always undersells herself! So... I’ve decided to promote her work on this thread!

(I’m also going to try to promote my other art friends who’ve supported my story on this thread about once a week or so too! A couple of artists who I have a good business relationship with will also be promoted from time to time. Subscribe to see talented but obscure artists if you'd like!)

(1) @jackadoodle-d - post #1
(2) @e.v.a.c.a - post #9
(3) @nichimiey
(4) @arkisan
(5) @m0biuzz

Anyways, onto the art (zoom in for better detail—there's a lot!):

(1) @jackadoodle-d


Some details about the artist: 
  • graduated art/animation school
  • used to work for an animation studio that produced Miraculous Ladybug
  • now working as a freelance artist
  • frequently draws fan art for FF, DBH, Voltron
  • recommend for character design (she’s able to perfectly encapsulate character personalities with her work) 
  • Able to work in multiple art styles: soft, hard, etc. [check social links/portfolio]
  • commissions: open!
*If you commission her, please tell her that elmerwynn/tykimikkitty says hi! She might offer a discount.

Social links/portfolio/requests: Twitter | Instagram (recommended) | Tumblr

Promoting best boi e.v.a.c.a soon! Not sure if I should keep it in one thread or separate it hm. 

Re: Six Chances, Character Art

1. I'll definitely tell her that! I'm glad that you like her art style. You should really check her out! She's grown a lot as an artist.

2. OTL Tomorrow morning. The chapter is finished, but I like to do at least four rounds of editing before I post and I've only gone through two. Grad classes and work kinda both have been preoccupying me.

3. From my dark weeby/fandom past, my friend.

Re: Six Chances, Character Art


Alrightly, here's some more character art drawn by another good friend of mine! They are very good so if you have time please check it out!! 

(2) @e.v.a.c.a


Details about the artist:
  • Heading to art school but already so practiced and talented!
  • Likes drawing hair the most
  • Works for an independent comic-producing company
  • Drawn many-a fan art for Evangelion
  • Recommended if you want a softer/almost water-color-like art style that’s lightly animesque or if you want very fantastic coloring on your art.
  • He also has experience with character design--both human and non-human!
  • Will support until I die--I have a feeling he will make a big name for himself in the future!
  • commissions: open! (Prices range from 5$/10$/15$ atm. Please be nice!)
If you commission him, please tell him that tykimikkitty/elmerwynn says hi! He might offer a discount!

Social links/portfolio/requests: Instagram

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elmerwynn Wrote: @msng @readerbreather, I will sing to them your compliments!! And I have considered creating separate threads for the artist but I don't want to clog/hog the art forum orz
Thanks, please do so (RE: passing on the compliments). 

Actually never considered the problem of clogging the art forum. I assumed it would be fine, but I am a forum noob and don't know what the etiquette is for these things. So I should probably retract my advice and leave the forum experts to it. Don't want my ignorance to get you into trouble!

Anyways, looking forward to seeing the other artists' work.