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You're probably not going to read this but I will actually recommend you read Hands Held in the Snow, a slice-of-life fantasy romance novel that keeps its trauma to a minimum and focuses VERY MUCH on worldbuilding, immersing you in a Renaissance-esque fantasy city where normal people live their normal lives amidst political turmoil and instability. I'm quite proud of it, but mostly because reviewers have very much enjoyed the worldbuilding in this story.

Here's two quotes from Csuite's review:

Quote:We're introduced to a beautiful fantasy world rich in history and culture, which we see fleshed out in the details of each scene. The city where the story takes place has fallen under enemy occupation, and this tenuous political climate is treated with astute nuance and care.


Between that and the fantastic world-building, I think that's what made this romance engage me when so many others fail. It doesn't exist in a bubble - it impacts and is impacted by the world around it, and feels so much more meaningful as a result. It matters. Characters and world-building = perfect.

Normally I wouldn't be comfortable talking about my own work in this sort of way, but based on what you describe I think this story really might be up your alley--it's just completely different than any of the stories you've mentioned so it might look unappealing at first glance. If you give it a chance though I'm confident you'll find the kind of story you're looking for.

Re: Fantasy, Worldbuilding, Slice Of Life

@utsuro I put it on "read later". Because if the many unusual words I will eventually read it to expand my knowledge but because of it is unsuitable to read leisurely. 
@Lakstoties I read to 9% on KU and it does not seem to fit my criteria. I will keep reading at some point to find out why you thought it would but I get stressed reading about someone fleeing, being kidnapped and then forced to fight. I can see it becoming slice-of-lifeish but I don't really like his brothers friends very much right now.
@Thedude3445 The first chapter is promising. 

Re: Fantasy, Worldbuilding, Slice Of Life

Shameless self advert here. Smoke and Murders gets as the name implies Very dark. But I'm more slow building towards it with more a gloomy slice of life feel at first. You can check it out if you want. I plan to revise the first part for grammar and spelling later on. Its pretty much modern fantasy world that I'm aware is slow and at first very focused on character relationships and psychology.

Re: Fantasy, Worldbuilding, Slice Of Life

Well I have some suggestion but Im not entirely sure they will suit your tastes so I'll give you a little description to be sure

first off if it weren't for the fact that you used Beware of Chicken I wouldn't have recommended these because they are cultivation novels and that might not suite everyone's tastes
This Young Master is not Cannon Fodder this is more of a new take on the "young master" stereotype in cultivation novels but I like the main character and it has plenty of slice of life, I think you will like it.
Chasing Experience This one has plenty of slice of life without much tragedy(okay the beginning of it is rather tragic but I swear it gets way better), It's a unique take on cultivation novels as far as can tell.

One I think will fit your request best is High Class Mob which is a ton of slice of life with some fights every now and then, There is a yandere romance but I don't think it is used in too creepy or weird of a way so I still highly recommend it

These two are Fantasy dungeon growth stories which are a lot of slice of life but I think you might like
Shadowcroft Academy for Dungeons: Year One This is more slice of life than the other one. It focuses around a school for dungeon and is a nice slice of life school, with a side of dungeon growth
Dungeon of Seasons is more of a traditional dungeon growth story that I feel is done really well and it feels more like a slice of life that a constant battle. Though this is rather different than you're looking for

Anyways, hope this helps you find a story you like!

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Book Wrote: I am looking for a fantasy/ sci fi story that is slow and builds a world I can immerse myself in. Without constant trauma. Now some loss is okay but maybe every 50-100 pages or so.
Currently I very much enjoy Delve, Beware of Chicken, Wildcards: Book One- The Dread Pirate and Rebirth of Civilization.
I would happily recommend my fantasy series, False Prophecy. Very slow burn with a focus on worldbuilding and deep characters. Currently 700+ pages into the Prelude novel, which follows the MC's father for Big Thematic Reasons. Would be ecstatic if you checked it out :D

Re: Fantasy, Worldbuilding, Slice Of Life

Shameless self-promotion +1


This is a story about a young adult, Darius, his ambition to secure an above average job, to make himself useful and his parents proud.
This is a story about humanity, animals and plants, and their interaction with the bringer of „magic“, Program.
This is a story about the admins of Program and their daily struggles with solving errors, caused by the users of Program (humanity included) and the other, more chaotic admins.

(not a LitRPG)