Re: Anybody wanna be writing buddies?

I tend to slack off a lot when I write, and I was hoping I could find someone who could motivate me to write more, or someone equally lazy to just celebrate the few chapters we churn out a year lol. I'm currently in college so I won't be super active, but I'll definitely be online multiple times a week. I would like someone who could review my work, rant with me about corny tropes, and just all-around talk about writing. Of course, I'll do the same!

This isn't the end all be all, but if these apply to you I think we'll get along well:
  1. You're female 
  2. I'm 20, so if you're around my age that would be great
  3. You're into fandoms(ex: supernatural, she-ra, voltron, the magicians,etc.)
  4. You like anime/manga
  5. You like kpop
  6. You're okay with discussing ships and fanfics of any kind(except with real actors/celebs, that's a no no)
  7. You're naturally the type to simp lol
Just a list of types of stories I like to see if our tastes match:
  1. Historical fantasy and hi-fantasy
  2. Romantic isekai
  3. Magical girl stories
  4. Just.... stories slathered with angst, can end in fluff or not
  5. Any ff with an AU that's unique (ex: Destiel ff with space or smth)
If you're interested you can comment or message me, whichever you prefer!