Re: Recommend me some Romance!

Regis and Charlotte is a good one, lot's of dialogue, a short story, and heavily focusses on the two main characters, fluffy. Holds more of a focus on building a relationship between the title characters, and dips its toes into noble kingdom politics, with an interesting story to tell.

Emmy and Me is another, I don't think it counts as a love triangle. It is a same sex relationship with sex scenes. If those bother you, the author posted milder chapters without the scenes and leaves an author's note at the top of relevant chapters. Set in a modern setting, first person perspective following Leah through some more exciting parts of her life.

Beware of Chicken is showing signs becoming somewhat romantic, it's kind of early to tell, but there is definitely a love interest. Doesn't seem it will overly impact the peaceful cultivator (double meaning) storyline however. The shifting perspective is interesting, and the title is one of the ones where it makes sense after you start reading the story.

Lucia isn't on RR, it's a translated piece (Korean), if you end up reading it, readnovelfull is a good place to go. Very little magic, almost no fantasy, and the novel revolves around smut, pretty big plot points in there. The novel is completed and focusses mainly on Lucia and Hugo. There are some weird naming shenanigans that go on, it can get a bit confusing. One of my all time favorite romance stories regardless.

Beginning After the End is an isekai power fantasy with a single love interest. The protagonist is really young for the most part of the story, romance takes more of a childhood friend approach. The romance is not the main focus of this story, there is a minor love triangle that comes up, it was barely acknowledged, I'm fairly sure it won't be pursued. Unfortunately, you can't read it on RR, there's like one chapter. 

I feel obligated to tell you that Rising of the Shield Hero technically fits your requirements.

Edit: Thedude3445, found the right website for Beginning After the End.