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Currently OPEN for swaps!

Hello! I write and post my apocalyptic fiction short stories! The three completed stories I have range from 2k-9k words. I also have an in-progress story, 2 parts with Part 3 scheduled to post in an hr. I'm searching for some review swaps for all three fics. I'd read the equivalent word count of your story based on which of my stories you choose:

[Taken] Unraveled, 2k words: When a sickness infects the world, Paul and his dog are left to endure the aftermath, locked away in Paul’s apartment. Living a simple life, Paul finds solace in the company of his next door neighbor. But when another healthy person shows up at his door, Paul’s simple life is unmasked, revealing an awful truth he refused to admit until it was too late.


Symbiosis: The Beginning, 9k words: Dr. Phillip Shirley has dedicated his work to ParaSymbio: genetically engineered parasites used as an alternative treatment for leukemia. However, when a mutation reverts the parasites to how nature intended, Phillip and his wife Brenda become trapped at Phillip’s place of work, cornered by coworkers now controlled by the once friendly symbionts. If Phillip and Brenda want to escape unscathed, Phillip must face the very things he created.


[Taken] Return, 8800 words: Set months after a viral apocalypse, Return symbolizes the hope of making it back to the people who need you despite all odds. In need of supplies, Chris ventures into a city teeming with hosts--humans infected by a two-strain virus that creates two different types of creatures, both with a voracious appetite for living flesh. The only thing keeping Chris fighting for his life during this dangerous journey is the promise he made to seven-year-old Lionel: to return.


Destination: Tomorrow, in-progress with 4 parts, currently 4600 words: Sara has her own rules during the apocalypse: keep moving, stay quiet, and keep to yourself. When she meets Katina, those rules go out the window. While Sara tries to suppress her budding feelings for this strange, new girl—because who has time for romance when the dead rise?—the two must fend off savages and the infected if they want to survive to see tomorrow.

I do have a full-time job, and I work all weekend, so I can only take on 1:1 at the moment, which means 4 stories:4 works to review!

Thank you!  peoapproval

Currently 2/4 spots open.

Return is currently taken.
Unraveled is currently taken.

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ozei Wrote: well there is not much to review yet but i hope u have time to give u an opinion but it what I posted from the story for  now is quiet little so u could finiah it in like 6 minutes andi would swap with symbiosis in echange

no problem! though Symbiosis is already taken, I still have one spot left, since Return hasn't been chosen, so I can swap out the spots. I look forward to reading your story! thank you for the opportunity (:

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BltNanox Wrote: Hi!
I'd be interested to do a swap with you. I could do your story Unraveled for a review (or just feedback) on the first chapter of my novel, which is about 2000 words as well.
Let me know if you'd be interested.

This is link to my story:


Just read and finished the review! Thank you for the opportunity to read your story! It was an interesting build up for what's to come, and I apologize for any typos in my review. I woke up not too long ago and one cup of coffee apparently didn't do enough  peoblush

Thank you for the chapter, and thank you for sharing your story (: