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I'm from the USA. Grew up a military BRAT, so I don't really identify with any particular state (Though my family tries to tell me I am a Virginian. I don't live there and I have only spent one year of my life there. One day I might move back there.) (BRAT is an acronym used to identify children of military parents.)

I completely get the accent issues. Everywhere I move they say, "You don't sound like you're from around here," and then when asked where they think my accent is from they will say the last place I lived (where everyone also said my accent sounded wrong). 

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DrBuller Wrote: Just something I have been wondering about for a little while. When I think of most people on this site, I just default on them being from the USA or something like it. Having now looked at a few people's profiles, it is turning out to be a bit more diverse than just a single country(even if some are a little hard to trust).

I am from Denmark. Where are you people from?

New Zealand

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Axolot Wrote:
MarikoRawralton Wrote: I used to be very wary of sharing anything that could give people an idea of who or where I am.

I don't really care anymore. I'm pretty sure someone could find me if they really wanted to. People online are lunatics nowadays.


How hot it is in california from 1 to 10. Also there's difference between south and north?

It's pretty cold rn, actually. It hailed yesterday, which makes me happy.

usually, it's a 10 in heat, but not that humid. So it could be worse.
But it's a desert. Deserts are hot. usually, at least. 
And yes, there is a difference between north and south California.
Not too much of one, though. And they are still one state.
It more denotes location due to the length of California. 
If it were long the other way(or, I guess, wide.), I'd assume it would be divided into east and west California.
But I hate deserts personally. It barely rains here.
But it is seriously cold rn. 
Thank god for heated blankets.

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Alabama, USA! Travelled through over half the states but unfortunately I have not yet had the pleasure of going international. I grew up reading a lot of British literature, so my writing and word choices are sometimes an odd mash-up of the two. My accent fluctuates from Deep South to British Isles and apparently to Australian as well. Once had a dude once ask if I was an Aussie.