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My stories start with the characters.
The birth of any book begins with the creation of the character's personality, and only after that a lot of different details arise.
I mean the plot, the social environment, the problems...and so on.

I love all my heroes, even those who don't always fight for good and justice.
Even those who are cowardly and ignoble.
It's not my characters ' fault that I experiment on them and put them in difficult conditions.

Please share your experience. How are your books born?

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I think I like to mix it up. It can start with a very rough character, just a simple sketch - a girl and her pet-tiger living on a snowy mountain with her tribe. Then I think of a story that can fit them in. What adventures can they have? Who can make them leave their home? What would be the end of the conflict? After that, I start filling the middle between the beginning and the end of the story with adventures and in parallel start developing the MC and the surrounding characters. I need the MC to travel from city A to village B. How would she do it? What difficulties would there be? Who is going to help her/hinder her on the journey? How is the MC different than her companions and adversaries? How would she react in a situation according to her character and the development she needs to undergone to reach the final confrontation? 

Sometimes the setting decides what character traits are needed and I have to retro-fit the development of the protagonist's personality. Sometimes the personality dictates what challenges deed to be presented in order to achieve growth and make a compelling story. But as a whole, creating a story is for me a constant movement like playing chess on multiple boards and with several different people where all the games are interconnected but at the end all matches need to have the same outcome or a variation thereof.

I know, it sounds a bit strange but hey, my head is a strange place.  peolaughing

P.S: I didn't come up with the girl and the tiger as an example just on a whim. I really ended up making plans for a story after drawing this some years ago:

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I'm not the type of writer who believes in creating super detailed lore or characters before I start writing. I just have a broadstroke vision, then use that as a guide. Then after the first drift, I will change things/make revisions etc. I feel this is better than creating super detailed lore without even knowing if it serves the interest of the story. That said, it pays to have at least SOME lore/world building before you start so that you have an actual idea of where the story is taking place/what could/can happen.

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Having a general idea of what direction you want your story to go in is good way to construct a story.
Think of a 'beginning' for anything, then where you think that objective will end up. In between, add more of these 'beginnings' and 'endings'. Along the way, fill in these pockets with whatever you think is needed for those 'endings' to come about. Whether it be characters, new settings, developments, concepts, twists etc. Then you begin repeating that process till it grows into a larger continuum, for however many times the outline of your story will allow - and that outline could be what you imagined to be the beginning and the end.

Maybe put in some hints that subtly foreshadow what's to come later on?
How would one part transition to another?
What do the characters want to do?

What's important is to know where you want your story to end up. Sometimes, writers go with the flow with whatever they imagine from a single point, some others plan ahead and their stories sail smoothly. Everything will emerge by starting with a single aim.

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Two main start points: either creating characters, or a scene comes into my head and I create the characters from it.

I can't draw so used to use avatar/doll creators to build up characters. As I did I'd fill in details; personality, history, quirks etc.

Once I've assembled a group of characters I'd start to work out how they all fit in the same world, how they'd come across each other and build up a plot from this.

World building happens as required whilst building both characters and plot.

After the first draft some details might have to change to make things flow better or so things make more sense, be it character, world or plot. But where possible I try and keep things consistent and tend to build as far as possible to keep that, but not so detailed I'll back myself into a corner .

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I find that my ideas never start with characters and more with a theme or setting I want to work with. For example I wanted to do a story where humans were fighting the undead but it turns out that the undead aren’t truly evil. At the same time I also felt like adding some sort of time travel element to it and I thought it be cool for there to be an undead spy on the human side who was concealing his undead-ness, that sounded like a good and exciting reveal for some critical point in the story. After that I think of some important/cool events, plot points and actions that could happen. At the same time characters somewhat form in my mind but they’re usually pretty vague. Most of the time my characters are somewhat functional as far as story writing goes. I’ll need a character that does X and Y, and then I start thinking what sort of character would be cool to do that with. Only once that’s been decided do I start to think of the character details and backstories. The same goes for the world building, I’ll need an interesting world that fits (or doesn’t fit!) the events that I’m thinking of. 

After I have some characters and plot points it becomes a matter of filling in the gaps and connection the ideas. I know event A happens and that later event B happens, but I need to figure out how get from point A to point B in a sensible manner. Only by writing my characters actually doing things do I get a proper feel of who they are.

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Usually I start with a vague world concept in my head, then I decide who the villains are going to be, what they want, how they plant to achieve their goals. After that, I invent a protagonist to take them down. Sometimes I invent an organization that will take them down, then I populate that organization with a protagonist or multiple protagonists.

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Quote:How do you create your stories?

Smarmy answer:
One word at a time. 

Serious Answer:
Two things, one of which I've already posted on this forum. 

I'm locked up inside my head in the cinema of my mind in the best seat in the house, watching perhaps the best movie ever unreel and I'm frantically scribbling everything down on a reporter's notepad so that when I come out of that cinema, I can share that story with everyone else so that hopefully I can bring you into your own cinema and show you perhaps the best movie ever.

When people are screaming about X actress wearing Y dress at Z event, I am riding through the strands of aspens, golden leaves falling around me as the northern winds blow, an edge of cold promising the winter to come.
When people froth at the lips and flop and flail and babble incoherently and make bold declaratives "He's not my president!" I am instead grinning uncertainly and yet defiantly across a shattered pillar at a young dragon as we play a deadly cat-and-mouse, endlessly circling, each probing for weakness, each waiting for that one fatal mistake.
I am there as a goddess is torn from the sky by a nightmare of myth and legend. 
I am there to bear witness as an angel, suddenly bereft of her god's sustaining force, cannibalizes her sister angels in a desperate bid for survival. 
I am there on the hill, arranging troops for one last push at the castle. 
I am there at the castle, ordering more conscripts into the vanguard. 
I am there in the van, white-knuckled grip on a splintered pitchfork, tasting adrenaline and fear in my mouth like bad copper pennies.

It's my hope that I can share my world and all it's delights and nightmares, but it's my goal that I can actually tell the stories of that world that my mind travels in.

That's how I create my stories.

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My first story, which isn't posted anywhere, started with a super detailed outline, with characters fleshed out with personalities and all that jazz. By about 30k words I felt trapped into a storyline that was a dead end. Now I kind of just wing it for the most part. I think, "what is my character's goal, is someone going to block him from achieving it?" Then I write from there.

I find writing like this more forgiving for me. That way if I'm halfway into a book and I'm like that's dumb, let's change it up, it doesn't affect the ending. It does make for slower writing since I'm essentially thinking up the next chapter while writing the current one.

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My stories usually start with a scene, and then I just extrapolate forward from there until it feels like the right time to stop. I have tried planning before, but it doesn't work right. If I do character interviews or profiles they always feel flat and lifeless, so I've stopped doing that.

I guess I just write my way into things.

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I'm in the planning phase for my story, but I started it when I created a character for a tabletop gaming campaign my friend was running. Having a genre and a protagonist, I decided I wanted to create my own story. I started with the villains. Who is my villain? What is his/her goal? Why? How? How will the plan fail? And I just went from there.

When my story ended encompassing multiple story arcs because, like gwunders above, I get a scene in my head and decide that a narrative needs to be created around it, I would craft each arc by starting from the villain(s) for that arc. After all, if I don't know what the conflict is and why, then how can I create a story around it?

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My brain writes for me. Hard to explain. My brain creates the story, I just put it down. It's pretty weird. It's called either depersonalization or derealization. Not sure which exactly. I get them mixed up enough that I should just list both to be safe. You could also say that I can literally get lost in my own head. My worlds, my character, the story, they all feel real when I do. But I can be pulled down to earth pretty quickly and become extremely disoriented/tired. So I just write that stuff. Though, the one I just released the other day is actually originally from my normal thoughts, if I remember correctly. I know that what I've planned out, comes from the weird thing I mentioned. It just...happens. it can be an entire arc in a day, which I have to struggle to even keep up to make a mere skeleton of to flesh out later. Excess info. Burns me out real quick. Then it works whenever I just push it a little bit. I like when I can just write whatever my brain says. It gives me an almost irresistible urge to sit and write it all down. I only started doing that within the last year(last few months, technically. I had never tried writing anything before then), though. Sucks how many worlds probably came and went in my head that I'll never remember. I also wish I had started writing sooner. I'd have a lot more of my story to read by now than I actually do. Still, it's a decent amount. So it can keep me occupied long enough.
But, if you sum that up?
Insanity pretty much.
Honestly, the way my head works is complete bs. 
That's what everyone I've met agrees on unanimously. Even doctors and therapists. Lucky, I'm not a bad person or anything. I do wish that I could find a way to rid the fog that clouds my mind, though.
I also talk and think to myself a lot, which seems to just add onto it.
Everything is planned, and everything is unplanned.
I know what I want to do, I know what I want to write. In fact, sometimes I actually write chapters from waaaay later in my stories just for fun or for reference on what I want. I've done it a lot in my main fiction. Like, a lot. I'm writing the actual school saga(post outerspace battles part of the apocalypse saga) part right now. It's going to take years to get there, though. Unless I just crank it all out. Yknow, I might just do that. The only thing that would suffer is the grammar, which doesn't really matter when it's basically just a rough draft. I can always just correct it. Hell, I still go through my stories on RR and edit them. I rewrote the first chapter completely, recently, even. Wait, I'm pretty sure even if I cranked it out it would still take years to get there. dangit.
I don't know if you can call that planning, though. it's like it's connected to my story by a string. That specific part is planned and done for. But anything in between can change. So I often have two branching paths that I write. All of my fictions on here are actually those kinda rough draft. It's what is going to happen, but it's basically just a skeleton of what it's going to be. I even put down some of the darker paths on my fiction that holds everything from other chapters which are sometimes way too excessive. Actually, I have a spoiler in one of them, I guess. It introduces a character wayyyy before she's now going to be introduced. And in a totally different way(don't read it. I took out a lot of the bad bad stuff, but it's still kinda screwed up. Especially the second version. I still don't like reading it myself, even. And I made it. It's a good way for me to vent some of my frustrations.). That's not for the main fiction, though. It's for one that not many people read. 467 total views. 
I create my stories with my own stupidity as well. I think I have 13 fictions on this account alone. And there are slow releases on most of the side story ones, but I'm not planning on dropping a single story. I'll get to them eventually. Just have one or two stories I have to focus on more right now. actually, I might go and work a little more on a few of them right now.  
I plan, but I plan too much. And I didn't make a plan for if I planned something too big. 
For example. I wrote way too much on this post. Why do I do this to myself?
*screams internally*

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LambentTyto Wrote: Usually I start with a vague world concept in my head, then I decide who the villains are going to be, what they want, how they plant to achieve their goals. After that, I invent a protagonist to take them down. Sometimes I invent an organization that will take them down, then I populate that organization with a protagonist or multiple protagonists.

It's very interesting.  So, your books begin with the creation of negative characters. In my opinion, it's the villains who make the story interesting))