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I launched my story and after a month it was just so barren of readers. Understandable with the sheer amount of new stories in this very site. The lack of feedback left me wondering if it was the story, the blurp, the grammar, the release rate, or it's just plain bad.

So fellow authors, let's trade input to make our stories better.

Fair warning, I'm not an expert on literature so my review might be unprofessional. I'll give you a review from my perspective, what I found to be good and the parts that needed works. If there's anything specific you want a fresh set of eyes on, just let me know.

I'll read about 15k words before doing an Advanced review. In my story, that's the prologue until chapter 7. Feel free to skip the prologue if you don't like prologues but I hope you read until the seventh chapter before reviewing.

I'll PM you before I post the review. If you find it too harsh then I won't post it. My intention is not to beat your story down but a mutually beneficial exchange so we can both become a better author. Let's not throw toxic words at each other, shall we? Simply put, I'm looking to make for fellow author friends.

I pretty much eat all kinds of tags and genres so feel free to drop your story here. But no boy-to-boy stuff. That's the only genre I can't digest. Don't burn me at the stake because I have something I don't like, okay?

Here's my story, a man reincarnated to another world, sword and magic ones. But he's very genre savvy and knows all the cliché developments, he capitalized on that on his adventures. There's gore in it but not too much, you've been warned.

If you're okay with all that then let's swap. I'll be waiting for you.

Re: Review Swap, Come Get Some!

Hey! I'm always open to swapping!
My story is a feel-good reincarnation about a war veteran that died in a war and reincarnated as a baby in a loving family, and now she tries to see what it feels like to have loving parents and great siblings!

Those are my terms:
Those rules are mutuals, I follow them and I'll ask you to follow them too please ^-^
- I'll read ~15k words of your story, roughly 55 pages, before writing my review. This is a minimum, I could read more if your story grabs me.
- I'll make a review based on objective factors, not my own liking of the story. I utterly hated some of the reviews I did earlier this year, yet they got  good rating because, well, the story was good, whatever I thought of it ^^'
- The review will be ready under 7 open days (meaning no weekends). It can be quicker, depending on my motivation, but it won't be slower (unless something shitty happens on my side, in which case I'll always tell it to you, because I dislike letting people in the dark.
-I do one swap after the other. First come, first served. I start working on the next swap the day after finishing the previous swap.

If you're interested by a swap, PLEASE PM ME, I'm quite busy and I can't keep up with everything ^^'

My Review Swap Thread (so you can see where you are in the waiting list)

My story, This Strange New Life

best regards!

Re: Review Swap, Come Get Some!

Hey! I'm in! I'll do the same and pm you the review before I post it. Frostfall is an epic fantasy short story collection and it's probably the one that needs the most feedback, but if Post-Apoc strikes you as more interesting feel free to do Songs of the Second Apocalypse instead.

Both links are in my sig! I'll try to get yours by Mondayish.

Re: Review Swap, Come Get Some!

Man if you think your fic is barren of readers I feel bad, you've got way more than mine does after a month. 

Anyway I'd be glad to do a review swap. If you wanted to push it out to 30k words, that's about the end of my first arc (Chapter 8 in my story). I could read your whole fic in return, since I see it's currently just about 36k words, and give an advanced review of the whole thing. I also link the people I review in my next chapter updates. Let me know if you're interested, story link is in my signature.