Re: What game inspires you to write the most?

It's hard to say for me. I write a lot of different projects, and a lot of them are inspired by different games, or even just soundtracks to games., like with my novella Acheron, which was inspired by the soundtrack from Borderlands, and yet I had never played the game.

For my, I would have to say, at least at this time, Dragon Age Inquisition is what inspires me to write the most. The story and characters are great, but one of the things I really like about that game is the atmosphere, the lighting, the feel you get when things get dark and gritty, and then later you're outside in the golden sunlight. They really serve to contrast the different moments in the game, and the varied environments are quite inspiring as well.

How about you? What game has or is inspiring you, and why?

Re: What game inspires you to write the most?

For me, it would have to be the Persona series. 

Not that my book has anything to do with magical demons you summon to fight the bad guys. What inspires me from the series is its deeper themes. The series likes to explore the inner workings of people's minds and portrays many different villainistic thought processes. It basically shows a very obvious thing that people aren't just inherently evil. They are evil because of an event or multiple events in their lives. Some villains aren't even evil and just have a differing view of what saving people means.

Then there is the overall meaning in each game that leaves you with something to think about. 

Persona 3 teaches you that everything dies and that's natural. You can be sad about someones passing but eventually, you need to move on and continue your own life. Your life is finite and you should live it the way you want so when your inevitable end comes you can be as happy as possible without regrets.

Persona 4 teaches you that not everything is transparent. Lies exist in the world and just because you think you know something doesn't mean that you actually do. So you should try your best to find the truth and accept it. Sometimes the truth is ugly and disturbing. Even the true you, your true personality can be ugly. But by accepting this truth you can work hard at changing it and making the truth something you're proud of.

Persona 5 just teaches you that just because someone has a position of authority does not automatically make them a good person. There are many people in positions of power like the police and politicians that arent actually decent human beings. These people will abuse their power and influence over you to do horrible things. 

These are all just my initial thoughts looking back on the games so I'm probably missing something from each of these themes. I just think it's neat that there are games out there that have very simplistic in nature stories that rely on "friendship is magic" but still carry a much deeper meaning. 

Re: What game inspires you to write the most?

The Legend of Zelda series. From the original 2-d games to Breath of the Wild, the player goes on an adventure to kill the bad guy and often save the princess, but if you think about it, its actually a pretty tragic series. There's a lot of sad sub plots/quests, but overall the cycle of Link being reborn over and over again to fight the same evil never ending seems pretty sad to me. On one hand Link gets to reunite with Zelda. On the other, Link's success only ever buys a temporary peace until Ganon or some other evil rises to try to destroy the world again.

There are a lot of fun things in the series, but I admire how a simple plot can be re-used with different flavors to give a meaningful impact each time.

Re: What game inspires you to write the most?

I've been gaming my whole life, so my work takes huge inspiration. It's my preferred form of media, I guess? I've played way more games than seen movies or shows.

It's difficult to point at just one thing. I guess the closest I can have to a totally influential thing is Gravity Rush 2. It's my favorite game ever and it's the only time a game ever made me cry. It shows up in my writing a lot without me even thinking about it.

My first project was heavily inspired by the Ryu Ga 
Gotoku / Yakuza series. That's why I started off with a Japanese crime story.

I write some of my dialogue to sound like the really rad stuff from Killer7. I don't think I ever get anywhere close, but it's something I think about a lot.

Recently, I've been taking a lot of visual inspiration from the game Genshin Impact. The lighting in the game is spectacular, unlike anything I've seen in another game. It's beautiful, and it makes me want to describe things just as beautiful.

Re: What game inspires you to write the most?


I expected Cyberpunk 2077 and his “next-gen” open world to be a source of inspiration for my sci-fi/cyberpunk/space-western novels … well. I won’t judge the story since I immediately stopped playing it until further notice but the open world was hot garbage on PS4.  

I binged watch the Expanse lately so my games to immerse myself in are still that good ol’ Mass Effect serie and The Outer Worlds. Still waiting for Star Citizen and Starfield.

Re: What game inspires you to write the most?

Oddly enough, despite being a total gamer, games rarely directly translate to inspiration for me. That said, the exception is Dishonored. I just love the dark, industrial setting, the cultish religion of creepy mask-wearing Overseers, the narrow story with limitless potential beyond what you see, and the music. Oh, goodness, I love the music. I've never finished a novel inspired by it, but I have started one, and it's got a short story or two to its name as well.

(Oh... well, technically there is one other game that inspired me more, but it's not one I can actually play. Tron: Legacy the movie is very much responsible for establishing a lot of my favourite sci-fi habits, and it's all based on a [fictional?] game. Has anyone here played an actual Tron game? I believe there are a few of them...)