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Hi! I'm new to RoyalRoad, and decided to get into the community by introducing myself in the forum.

I'm Marina, and I'm hoping that posting my story will motivate me to finish my post-apocalyptic story that has been a work in progress in my head since I was 13. Book 1 is almost completed, 2 more to go!

I love writing fantasy, adventure, and romance, and my favorite genre to read is horror. I'd love to take a crack at it sometime, but I'm never able to write anything that gives me the chills. Any recommendations to add to my reading list would be greatly appreciated.

I just graduated college, and I'm spending half of my time job searching and the other half writing. I tend to spend most of my free time on my laptop either writing, playing video games, or programming. Otherwise, I love cooking and drawing.

I'm looking forward to writing and reading with you all!


Re: New to RoyalRoad!

Welcome to Royal Road and all the best for your fiction!


As for suggestions regarding your reading list...well, I haven't had the chance to read many but I guess I would recommend-

1) Mother of Learning

2) Recalcitrance

3) Myth

4) Kill the Caster 

5) The Lion in Wolf's Clothing.

P.S: Shameless self-promotion...I would recommend my own works (you'll find them in the signature).


Re: New to RoyalRoad!

MariVeri Wrote: I'm hoping that posting my story will motivate me to finish my post-apocalyptic story

I've tried this tactic before and it's never worked out for me. 🤣 I hope you're more successful.

If you're looking for stuff to read check out the recommendations subforum. You can also self promote your own work on some threads, as you can in your forum signature.

Otherwise just have fun, and I hope your story finds and audience.

Re: New to RoyalRoad!


MariVeri Wrote: I'm hoping that posting my story will motivate me to finish

I've found posting to be an incredible help in motivation, personally. Pick a posting schedule, set deadnlines, and stick to 'em whether you want to or not, and before you know it you'll have a ton more words. :)

Welcome, and good luck! :D

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Welcome to the Road! 

It's funny, when I write something that I hope is horrifying, it never actually scares me once I wrote it, because in a way I designed it from the ground up and thus it no longer has any power over me...? An architect won't get lost in their own house, and horror is in part coming from the unknown, from suspense, from not knowing something's limits. That doesn't mean what you post won't work on others, though. Might be worth a shot :) Maybe check out some really chilling stories here on the Road, then PM the author and ask out of curiosity if they ever got the willies while writing them, the response might prove interesting. 

Re: New to RoyalRoad!

Welcome to Royal Road. I think having to post will provide good motivation for you. I'd recommend following the suggestions posted above. Also check out the FAQ's under Support to find out more about the site. The Forums are a great place to share ideas, get advice, and meet other writers. There's also an Art section if you wish to post some of your artwork. Hope your stories attract many reader and enjoy yourself here. Also, good luck with the job search.