Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

Okay, I might seem like I’m talking about something I don’t know. I mean, look at my achievements. It says I’ve only got around 200k or whatever words written, right? Yeah, I guess it’s true that what is currently on my account is around 215k words. But hey, there’s people with 500k, oh look, 750k. Oh my, a million. Right?
See, I’m not asking about what you or I currently have up. I’m asking how long your fiction(s) going to be when you’re done with writing your series. 
How much are you planning to write?
I may or may not have screwed up. Why? 
My fiction that I’m focused mainly at the moment(though I’m writing all of the way over 15 of them at the same time technically) is going to be long.
Too long. I think I made a story so large that it would be impossible for a human to complete in their normal lifetime.(thank god one of the thing I want to do is become immortal. I guess I don’t have to stop now, yay....)
I guess you could say I bit off more than I could chew.
Okay, so I’ll give you an example of what I mean.(if you don’t want to, you don’t have to) if you go to my fiction called the guild moroides...the one with the dang dragon. If you look at the description, you can see that I’ve marked out each of the story arcs in there. 
“Oh boy. It’s just a really long story, though. Nothing special. It’s pretty common for a book to go over a million words nowadays.” random person says
Yeah, see.... you’re right. On most of that.
It’s not special. But that’s one of my short stories. It’s a spinoff of a spinoff.
Also it isn’t all that common.
This thing, a spinoff of a spinoff, has multiple arcs which could easily be considered their own sequels, and are definitely going to be around 500k words at least. For each of them. Some stories are finished by the time they hit 500k words. Hell, some only reach 100k.
I made my world too large. And that’s the estimate for the rough drafts alone, which have to be expanded to connect and correct and polish the flow.
Did anyone else fuck up as royally as I did, or worse?
I guess some people made stories that were too short, which could be worse than mine. At least I always have enough material to continue my stories, and I know what I want to do with it. So I’m not going to run out of ideas for my story. But I remember there being a saying about ideas not being a major factor when compared to other things. 
Now that I think about it, there’s probably a lot of people who are confused about the mention of a school saga in my main fiction. If there’s anyone there who reads my stuff and cares, who’s also curious about that, apologies. 
But, yeah. I fucked up. You guys have a similar problem with the size of your stories?
I sure as hell do....not to mention that I’m working with amnesia and comms to help them with their stories.....
This thread is more of a complaint at this point, but I really wanna know if I’m alone with my absurd stupidity.

Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

You are not alone(unfortunately)!

While I might not have a problem as large as yours(I worry for your continued sanity), I have still underestimated my story length. Currently, I have three books planned out in my story, each having one spin-off each. I'll get back to the latter part later.

When planning these three books, I envisioned each being just around 400-500 pages ish. Not long but also not short. Where am I now? I am about 60k words away from having ended book one(Which already has 1,3k pages written). 

And book one is supposed to be the shortest of the three major books! You know, ending it off quickly so the reader could understand the general concept for later plot development. I have thrown so many plot-points over to book 2 in the hopes of this monstrosity getting shorter, but it does not want to cooperate with me.

Right now, my goal of book one is to end it before it hits 1,7k pages. Should be feasible. After that, there are the two other major books and the three spinoffs. As the math will depress me even further, I will simply state that I have a lot in store. Maybe even a bit too much planning.

I 100% think that this should be focused on complaining. You are not alone in being a dumb-dumb.

Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

As far as I know, the longest current work in the English language is the Wandering Inn. It is at 6.7 million words and counting.

Pirateaba makes a minimum of 5k from her Patreon each month, and the real amount is likely twice that.  It's also one of the best rated (was top 10 for two years, now top 30) and best known fictions on this site.

No, writing a long story is not stupid. Though not doing research is a bit lazy. 

Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

My plan for a quick short standalone novel in November is currently at 105k and still growing, so my plans tend to be a bit on the inaccurate side. T-T I do understand the feeling, though my goal is to write a lot of different stories rather than one big interconnected one.

My first litrpg that I posted here was book one in a trilogy, ended up as 250k, and took me a solid year to write. I don't exactly like the idea of another two years tied down to the same story; it'll probably end up at 600k+ by the end. And even once that's done, I've got a dozen other stories I could write in the same universe, a hundred others in the genre. Meanwhile, my second story posting here (the one I'm working on right now) was supposed to be a one-off 60-80k story, and now it's book one in a four-volume epic with spinoff potential.

And that's just the main projects that I'm focusing on seriously. If we add in the things I've started but haven't given full focus, I could spend the rest of my life just writing the things I've begun, let alone all the new ideas I know I'll come up with in the meantime!

But if the past is any indication, I'll continue to increase my wordcount total at a rate of about 1m every 3 years, which is a decent amount of words written. Nowhere near enough, but it's the best I can manage at present.

There is no way I'll ever be able to write everything I want to write. So I'll just have to get through as much as I can before the end.

Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.


DrBuller Wrote: (I worry for your continued sanity)

I do too.

SJ Wrote: Though not doing research is a bit lazy.

If you're talking about looking into long stories, I did that a while ago, but I've since forgotten. That's a pretty long story, though. I'll probably get there eventually myself, but that's not anytime soon. I'd expect something like that to take years, if not decades. Not sure what the estimate would be in my case, though. And I have no idea how I keep forgetting about patreon. Might be a good way for me to earn some(probably none) money.....Well, setting one up isn't a bad idea, I guess. Hm. Since I'm not doing it for a living(at least not yet), would that make me a sellout? Eh, I've done worse. I mean, not for money, but still. I've done worse.

Graffiti Wrote: I don’t see either of my stories ending in anything less than 200 chapters (conservative estimate) tbh.

Cinn Wrote:
Lime_Lover Wrote: How much are you planning to write?

For each story, as much as required to tell it.
How many stories? As many as I have in me that I want to write.


JK-sama Wrote:
Lime_Lover Wrote: How much are you planning to write?

Uhhhhh..... Yes.  peocool



Mad Wrote: As long as yer having fun writing who cares how long it ends up?

I think that's a good point. True.

Asviloka Wrote: There is no way I'll ever be able to write everything I want to write. So I'll just have to get through as much as I can before the end

Exactly what I was thinking.


Btw, I have voices blaring in my head through zoom and discord right now, so if I missed anything....sorry.
Though, I've already established my lack of intellect and tact quite well.
peodead  oof.

Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

I like to take my story 1 volume at a time, rather than focusing on the actual overall length itself. My story will end by the 18th volume, (Of which I am currently writing the 17th), so perhaps now that I am so close to the end I'm thinking a bit differently since I'm really considering the ending, all the details I need to wrap up by the end, etc. But even so, I have always taken each volume as it's own story in of itself, which contributes to a larger overall plot. Each volume has a story to tell, from start to finish, and I like to begin, progress through, and wrap up a storyline within each volume. Anything after that is sorta a different story. Of course, each volume begins with a goal. What point do I want to be at by the time this volume is over? How will that progress the plot? Etc. 

Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

I'm not sure length really matters. On here at least, people tend to get really invested in the longer stories. I write a lot of shorter stuff, and none of it gets much traction. I'm thinking about doing a longer series but the individual story arcs are still short, and maybe with a recurring character, yet each arc is self contained in it's own way. That way I don't get stuck writing a really long story that nobody wants to read, I'll have many, many shorter works I can throw covers on and indie publish online in other places.

Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

I'm just finishing my first volume of my first pet project, 175k, I've been feeling overwhelmed by it, but reading this thread made me feel better!

My concern at the moment is how to present it, do I share bits? If so what bits, action sequences, quieter moments, bits that reveal the plot?

Are there things I can write like character/ beat sheet type stuff? How would I write them, like part of story, or separate from it?


Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.


FourPin Wrote: but reading this thread made me feel better!

I'm very glad that I could help with that

JenifryConan Wrote: Best to upload them per chapter. An upload schedule of 1 chapter 3-5 times a week supposedly works well for Royal Road. Uploading them at different times to catch different time zones can also help.

It definitely does. Due to my spontaneous release times, I've noticed some chapters get a lot more views than others. So there are some times you should aim for, and times you should avoid. 

Dubs Wrote: My story will end by the 18th volume, (Of which I am currently writing the 17th)

Are you going to work on other projects when you've finished?

LambentTyto Wrote: I'm thinking about doing a longer series but the individual story arcs are still short, and maybe with a recurring character, yet each arc is self contained in it's own way.

Yeah, pretty much my stories in a nutshell for the recurring character and self-contained arc thing. My overall main character is god, but he can sometimes show up more as a side character than anything else. Or play a supporting role. I know for my story, speechless, the main character is receiving support and protection from the main characters of A Worldly Tale. Rin gets introduced almost immediately, Renji will be introduced later on. Also, for the main story, the blurb at the beginning is a translation of an excerpt from a recurring book throughout the series by Rin. So even that small stuff carries over. It is EXTREMELY fun to write it, and I absolutely adore it. Oh, right. I didn't even mention that Rin and Renji are the main character's children. So he's involved there, too. Having names that have to do with fruit becomes a tradition, kinda. Rin can come from Ringo, or apple. Renji is just orange. Lime is lime. I think it sounds nice. But I love making those kinds of stories.

I. Must. Connect. Everything. Perfectly. Is usually what I think.
Though I do have a character in one of my spinoffs that is going to be going through tons of different stories in his own book alone, as part of the main story.
Oh, god, I talk too much. sorry.
Good luck, though!

Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.


Lime_Lover Wrote: Are you going to work on other projects when you've finished?

A good question. I actually have been putting in some thought to this, and here's the deal.

My current project was an all out mass production. In 1.5 years, I will have written an 18 volume kingdom building series that spans the course of an entire world and it's characters, and it was one that I worked on every single day over that time, which I intend to have finished by the time I am done with college. 

The reason I was able to do this was twofold. 1. I sincerely enjoyed every bit of writing this long, complex, story with hundreds of chapters, which gave me the drive to continue, and the fact that I was in college allowed me the free time to do this, even while attending classes and studying. 

When I am out of college though and begin a job, things won't be so easy. 

I'll be working somewhere between 50 and 60 hours a week as an engineer, so my writing will have to be put on the backburner. 

However, I have been coming up with another story recently- one which is on a much smaller scale, yet still not something that would be extremely short. Why have I been coming up with this story in my head? Because that's just what my brain likes to do. After writing so long, the desire to create a story is almost ingrained in me, and I ended up deciding that I wouldn't be able to just quit writing after college. 

Therefore, I decided that I would continue writing even after college, but I would take my work much, much slower. 

Most of what I do in this new story would actually just be thinking up a story. I'd think and think and think, and then maybe after a long week of work write a thousand words that have an entire week of thinking put into them. 

My current story is what I would consider a mass produced story, but if I were to begin this new work, it would be something which I'd want to really craft into something great down to the last detail and intricacy. 

We will see how that goes, but for now I will focus my efforts completely on ending my current story, and closing up all the many things which are yet to come. 

Re: Length of a fiction, and an author’s stupidity.

When I was a kid I used to do this a lot, building up my worlds and hypothetical franchises to be these massive sprawling projects that I could absolutely never have done on my own. I'd like to say I'm getting better at this as I write more completed works, but every story I write continues to go over my estimations in huge ways.

ATL was originally supposed to be a 70-80k single book encompassing all of its now-Season One; the final product is nearly 300,000. Hands Held in the Snow was 45k in the first draft but ended up at 110k once all was said and done. Glory of Bowsette was supposed to be 5 chapters long! The closest I've come to being accurate was with The Gay Gatsby, which was "only" 15,000 words longer than I originally aimed for, ending up at 69k (nice).