Re: Anyone up for a review swap?

Yeah, it sure is hard to get your story out there and get the feedback you want. That said, I'm glad there's a community on this site to take advantage of, and I'll probably make lots of these swap posts to the point of being obnoxious. Anyone who would like to take a look at the story linked below (it's a fantasy/romance with light action if that helps you decide whether or not you feel like it) and offer a review, I'd be more than happy to take a look at whatever you're most wanting a review of too. I'll focus on whatever aspect you most want critiqued if that's what you'd like, or I'll just offer a general review. Just let me know! 

Re: Anyone up for a review swap?

Heyo! I'm always up and willing to do swaps ^^
My Story, This Strange New Life, is a feel-good reincarnation story about a war veteran who lost her memories of her family and, when she gets reincarnated, try to feel what it is to have loving parents and great siblings ^^ It's Sci-fantasy slice-of-life and quite slow, but I think it's good ^^'

There are my terms, please MP me if you want to do a swap ^w^/

Rules of the swap:
- Those rules are mutuals, I follow them and I'll ask you to follow them too please ^-^
- I'll read ~15k words of your story, roughly 55 pages, before writing my review. This is a minimum, I could read more if your story grabs me.
- I'll make a review based on objective factors, not my own liking of the story. I utterly hated some of the reviews I did earlier this year, yet they got  good rating because, well, the story was good, whatever I thought of it ^^'
- The review will be ready under 7 open days (meaning no weekends). It can be quicker, depending on my motivation, but it won't be slower (unless something shitty happens on my side, in which case I'll always tell it to you, because I dislike letting people in the dark.

Re: Anyone up for a review swap?

I'd be very interested. My story is pretty new so it's still short, so the review would only be of the first few chapters. 

It is a more character focused adventure/mystery with a focus on exploring the magic system of alchemy. The link is in my signature if it sounds interesting.
In my opinion it does start a bit slow, so be aware of that. But at least I think that it gets more and more interesting as you get a few chapters in.

If you are interested, send me a PM and I'll read your story as well. At least the first 5-6 chapters, or if you have a specific amount you want reviewed. 
This offer is open to anyone here, just shoot me a message. Thanks!