Re: Question about monetization and fanfiction

I have a bit of a rules question. Sorry if this is the wrong section for this, but I couldn't find any dedicated rules thread (probably missed a clearly marked one too).

I'm creating a story that's set in the universe of the tabletop RPG "Masks". It only uses the location it takes place in and the main governmental organization headquartered within that city. The characters are all mine. The plotlines are mine. The story arcs are mine. Hell, even a lot of things regarding the stuff that I actually AM using from the game have been changed somewhat to be mine (for example, the "Exemplars" superhero team that is prominent in their fiction has been replaced by a different superhero team in my series). So while it takes place in Halcyon City from the game, and while the main characters work with AEGIS (an organization from the game), just about everything else in this story was created by me.

I've spoken to Magpie Games, the creators and owners of the game. The game is registered under Creative Commons and they gave me full written permission to write and monetize my story. So there isn't a copyright issue to be had.

My question is whether, according to Royal Roads rules, the story would still be considered Fanfiction and thus not eligible to have an active Patreon link in the profile? I didn't see anything in the FAQs regarding such a potential gray area.