Re: Is Truck-kun of Isekai fame an Autobot or a Decepticon? Discuss.

It's hard to guess for sure, but Truck-kun is definitely a transformer that is being used by a Quintesson to alleviate its boredom.

Quintessons have multiple personalities, and I suspect they are pretending to be "gods" and "systems" for their own amusement.

Don't worry, when the time is right, Truck-kun and its fellow bots and cons will rise up and defeat their evil overlords.

Re: Is Truck-kun of Isekai fame an Autobot or a Decepticon? Discuss.

You have raised a very interesting question. 

If we were basing it just off the pure action of him taking lives, then he would for sure be evil... BUT. Like you have kind of brought up - what if Truck-Kun's actions WERE for the greater good? Taking one life to create a hero that potentially saves an entire planet seems pretty justified.

Though... taking the life of someone who didn't expect it/without their permission enters a pretty morally grey era. I can see why it's done though. True heroes aren't the types of people who go around flaunting that they are, or want to be one.

Truck-Kun patrols the world looking for people who truly act selflessly and display qualities of real heroes. There is nothing more selfless than saving someone else knowing you may die in the process. Truck-Kun puts that to the test every day and finds several heroes in the process that go off and potentially save worlds, and live way better lives than they would back on Earth. 

With all of that being said, if we are talking about good vs evil, I think Truck-Kun's actions are cruel but done with good intentions. 

My vote is for autobot!  

Re: Is Truck-kun of Isekai fame an Autobot or a Decepticon? Discuss.


MarikoRawralton Wrote: Dinobot.

I love those things.

But what happened to the beast animal thing transformer guys? Like the guy who was a wasp, one was a gorilla...
Looked it up, it's called beast wars. It's one of the one's I watched a lot when I was younger. I still have my favorite transformers movie on DVD, but I don't have a DVD player that I can put it in.
Any ideas on that? I also have the entire digimon all seasons 1-4 giant disc thing, which I also want to watch. Though, even if it is official, it's actually shit quality. Just, if you think I'm exaggerating on that....It costs over 100 bucks, and mine is almost broken. The discs lag, the quality is low as hell, they seem to stop working for almost no reason, they freeze....You can also just see and feel it when you pick up a disc. And there's like, 20 discs or something. Even the case it came in sucks, it broke the moment I opened it on season 3(best season, hands down.) and a ton of discs just fell out. If there's a better way to watch season 3, let me know. The websites I used to watch it a while back when I was a complete internet noob just gave my computer p*rn viruses. It also was blurred out in certain parts due to copyrights. I'm pretty sure it's virtually region exclusive besides these discs that I have. I looked up using a VPN to change my location, but I never heard anything about that working.
So, any better way to watch the older transformers or similar shows that you guys know?
I'm kinda bad with that stuff.
Edit: Picture too massive :/