Re: Introducing myself for real this time. I did as I said I would.

Hello everyone! Or hello again to maybe five of you, if you saw my first post a month ago. V_Storm here, giving an update.

I made a promise to myself by posting on this board that I would be publishing the first chapter of a story on the 10th of January. To make sure I actually stuck with a single project instead of half a dozen different 'chapter ones'. 
And I'm happy to say I actually did it! I'm pretty nervous, but the first chapter is out now of my first published work Natural Alchemist!

Feel free to check it out if you like fantasy, adventure, drama and mystery, with a sprinkling of comedy and less of a focus on magical combat and action. (At least as far as I've planned it right now)

I have a few chapters written, and I'm going to try and keep posting both regularly and as frequently as I can. But with the new semester starting up soon I'm not sure what pace I can write in just yet.