Re: Greetings all

I have been an avid reader since grade school. My main love was always Fantasy and Science Fiction. As I have grown busier in my professional life I moved from reading and to audio books. Recently I dusted off my kindle and began to read again, mostly LitRPGs. Recently I was introduced to the concept of Web Novels and became hooked. I have spent a lot of time lurking and reading. 

I finally decided to create an account since I have decided to turn the dark fantasy/horror novel I have been working on into a web novel instead. 

I look forward to getting to know the community, reading many of your stories, and sharing my own stories with you.


Re: Greetings all

Welcome to Royal Road. Apocalypse Theory sounds like a course you'd take in a school for evil geniuses. Cool user name. You'll find a lot of great sci-fi and fantasy works here, and lots if LitRPG too. Adding a link to your story and its cover (which I found very good) to your signature will let other people know about your story. Lot's of lurking reading have been joining the author ranks lately so welcome aboard. Hope you enjoy yourself here and that you accomplish all you seek to. Good luck.