Re: Hi fellow readers and writers!

Good day/evening.

Greetings from Norway! I'm new to this platform. It looks super exciting! The atmosphere seems positive for the most part, except for some troll comments in some of the novels I've began to browse through. There are so many good novels to choose from so I am left undecided on which ones to read first. I would be happy to receive some recommendations. My favorite genres are action, adventure, and fantasy. You know, mainstream stuff.

As you can tell by now, I'm a huge K-novel and webtoon fan. If I were to name a few impactful ones: Overgeared, Solo leveling, and The beginning after the end. That's where I gather a lot of inspiration for my own creation. To be frank I'm also here to promote my first novel creation. Although it's in its baby phase, I am really enjoying writing it. It's called Soulbound Hunter, an original. I uploaded the prologue yesterday (it should be out soon if it's accepted) and am currently working on the first chapters. Hope you will give it a try! I will try to release 1-2 chapters each week. During holidays, I might upload more, but no promises! I do work 100% unrelated to writing, thus, writing novels is just a new hobby of mine.

Have a great day!