Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

How to increase your views and followers 10x; make a gamelit, isekai, or dungeon core(or mix and match!). Don't forget the harem and wish-fulfillment male protag.


On a serious note, you've only one chapter out so far, so it's far too early to throw in the towel. You could try and schedule a chapter daily or a couple a week. That way you can get a spot on the recent uploads page and front-page. There is the self-promo subforum in rec forum, and the self-promo mega-thread. Ads on the site (or others!) can get you noticed a little.

As for the synopsis, it does seem a tad too long, since I'd wager most people don't read them or click on the expand button.

Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

Daily uploads
Popular RR genres
Getting another author to stan your book
Becoming popular on another site and funneling them to RR

Also, your synops says too much. Just explain that a mysterious time traveler is interfering with his efforts to change the past. The way in which he "messes up" the past also makes him seem foolish.

If the twist is that the other time traveler is him, I'd say that.

JK-sama Wrote: How to increase your views and followers 10x; make a gamelit, isekai, or dungeon core(or mix and match!). Don't forget the harem and wish-fulfillment male protag.

10 x 0 is still 0.

Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

Views aren't going to come automatically, even on this site which is far better for views than Wattpad. The only ways to for readers to find stories other than Trending and high-ranking lists are the Latest Updates page, advanced searches, and promotion on the forums or other sites. So when you first post something, there's a good chance nobody's going to even see it unless you make them aware. That'll go away as time passes and more chapters come out, but with one chapter and 24 hours, even the best of stories will probably only have a couple views.

So mainly, my advice is patience and promotion.

A comment ahead of time before you post more chapters, though: Your first chapter author's note of "Thanks for reading. I appreciate all feedback especially negative. Let me know if I shouldn't quit my day job." is a little concerning. Readers tend to drop off really quickly with a lot of negativity from the author, whether that is mean comments to readers or excessive self-deprecation. This comment alone isn't anything special, but make sure to stay positive with author's notes from here on out.

Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

I'm very new to the site, but I've worked in marketing for a long time so I might be able to offer some help, though TheDude3445, Sj Reaver, and Jk-sama pretty much nailed it on the head. 

When joining a large new community, it's important to recognize the avenues in which people can discover your work. For people like us, the new upload info bar and forums are a very valuable asset. I was an idiot and uploaded all 9 of my chapters at once (because I was really excited to publish my work here) instead of letting it trickle out so I would appear on the new upload info bar more by delaying chapter releases. 

And engaging with others on the forum allows people to get to know you, and if they like you (and you have your novel in your signature) they might check it out! Though, don't expect an insane engagement rate. It will more than likely start out slow, but I feel the more genuine you are, the more people will gravitate to you, and want to check out your work. 

Again, like people said above me, consistently release high-quality chapters. The more you post, the more chances you have of being seen. And if your work is high quality, you have a better chance of gaining a follower. 

I know I really just kind of beat a dead horse because everyone here already said what I said, but I'm sure it's reassuring to hear the same thing a few times to know that it's actually legit haha. 

Fight on!

Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

Dude, you've written 2000 words of one fiction.  You need to put yourself in the mind of a RR reader.

When I read something on RR, of course I want good, entertaining fiction.  But if I'm gripped by a story, I want to have some assurance that I'm going to be able to read the rest of it.  Now, completed fictions are cool, but what we really like is the chance to follow along with an author's growing narrative, to contribute and help and be part of a community of like-minded readers all enjoying the same story at the same time, as it unfolds.

One (short) chapter from an author with a single fiction in their profile isn't going to inspire me to read.  If I hate it, I guess I've not lost anything but a few minutes.  But if I love it, I have no assurance that I'm going to get any more!  I expect to see the author make an effort to persuade me to commit:

How many chapters have you already written?
How often will you be updating this fiction?
What do you want from readers?

Some authors will say "hey, I've already published this whole novel on my Patreon, but I'll be posting one chapter a day for the next thirty days for free on RR".  That's great.  You know there's a finished novel and the author doesn't need feedback, but they're trying to drum up Patreon followers to support their next piece of work.  This is great!  I know what to expect, what I'm getting and what the author wants back.  Fabulous.

Or they may say "hey, this is an on-going fiction but I've got half of it written and the other half sketched out in synopsis; I'll be posting one chapter per month.  Once I've got four or five chapters posted here, I'd love to get your feedback and thoughts".  Again - this is great.  Odds are, I won't start this fiction until there are at least five or six chapters and then I can decide whether to add it to my follows to get monthly updates.  And whether I follow or not, I'll leave a comment letting the author know why.

So rather than just dumping a chapter into the void, standing back and waiting for the fans to roll in, why not spend some time reading fiction here, first.  Watch yourself while you do it.  See how you make decisions on which fictions to read and which ones to tag for reading later and which ones you know you aren't going to read.

Leave some constructive comments and reviews, too.  And post a bit more here, on the forums.  You'll find that people will be more inclined to check out your fiction when they think they owe you something or if they feel like they've connected with something you've said elsewhere.

Of course, you can also fan-farm by writing Isekai harem LitRPG, because - at the end of the day - that's what brings people to RR.  So a lot of readers are looking for that kind of thing.  But, even if you do that, you need to make it clear in your synposis that this is what you're offering.  I've only got a few chapters up of my fiction, myself.  I don't have much in the way of readers and my reviews are, frankly, pretty awful (it's cool, I can take it) - but I've noticed also that my views went up substantially when I threw together a basic cover photo and stuck the slogan "hardboiled LitRPG" on the cover, so potential readers had a good idea from the first click what to expect.

Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

First, I would say to make sure you write for yourself, rather than views on this site, so in that case, it doesn't matter either way anyway. I don't think traffic starts to pick up on most things here until you read about the one hundred page count. Readers here typically want longer stuff, and to know the writer isn't going to cancel the project.

Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

90% of "How do I get reads threads" generally have a really simple answer. Trust me, I've written this exact thread before.

In your case, it's just that you're new. No harm, no foul. This thread has all sorts of advice for new folks to go over too.

My story, The Knights Himura, had a super slow start at first. Once I got through the first 10 or so chapters, I started to get about 100 reads a day. Not amazing, but considering I have nearly 4 times as many reads here as I do on WP, I appreciate every single one.

RR readers have a certain... je ne sai quoi. They're more dedicated than your average folk. They want an author that's as dedicated as they are. Keep posting and success will come your way.

Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

As with most things, luck and a little bit of hard work. I agree with what most other people have already said, but I myself have literally no clue. I post chapters pretty randomly(though often), my front cover is literally just a lime, my synopsis isn't the best, and more. Yet I hit 2.5k views in around a month. I have no idea what I'm doing. Add onto that the fact that it isn't that polished of a story yet, and the confusion rises. I agree that the more you put yourself out there, the more people will be able to see you. Views will eventually come, I think whether or not they stay is more important. But luck is a pretty big factor too.
Oh, and my other fictions only have around 100-400ish views each. I think. Haven't checked the views on them. They aren't updated as often, though. So I have definitely noticed that more dedication and more consistency tend to rope in more views.
When it comes to followers? In total, right now, I have around 28 across all of my fictions. 10 of them are following the main fiction I'm uploading, the other 18 are spread across weirdly. If you include the fictions on Amnesia's account, that adds 5 more. Amnesia has 6 followers, 5 of them on our shared fiction. No clue why they followed our stories. Hoping it's because they enjoyed it :D
Though, a story being good is also incredibly important.
it's not really something you should obsess over too much. The friendlier you are about everything, the more likely people are to listen.
Put ur story in ur signature And post often. 
Though, I have no Freaking clue what I'm doing. 
Never expected to get this far. 
*confused magical lime noises*
peojudging  (Happy that I did, though. Means I'm succeeding as an author to a certain extent, like my grandfather. Though, I'm not doing it for a living. Yet?)
Oh, posting on controversial threads might get you dive-bombed by drive-by point fives. Which sucks. .5's are a rite of passage as an author on RR though, apparently. Oof. talk about a tough crowd. Well, actually, I take that back. As I have said previously, and I will likely continue to say, RR has an incredibly nice community. A few rotten eggs stink, but that doesn't mean you can't crack open and fry up the ones that are still good. 
Okay, I don't actually recommend eating RR users. That's a very bad idea.
good luck!

Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

I recommend reading other writers and commenting on their books.  As a new writer trying to get noticed, I comment on peoples discussions.  I look up their books and hope that maybe someone will take the time to look up what I am working on.  

I figure we are all new aspiring authors who need feedback from others on how to improve.  If I am willing to be honest and helpful to another writer, maybe, just maybe they will do the same for me.  

If not, I will still get to read some great stories along the way.