Re: Yooooooooom Tah! Yoooooooooom Tah! It's Wigglytuff's Puzzle!

Hmm interesting puzzle, to think the answer lay in the formatting instead of the text itself. The letters Y, T, A, H and the symbol ! Remain the same and thus no inference can be drawn from them. If you plot the O’s in a vertical bar graph and then use the median value and plot it in a line graph, you get part of the Orion Constellation- namely the stars Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix, Alnitak, Saiph, Sigma Orionis, Pi3 Orionis, CVSO30 and Tau Orionis. After which I kind of hit a roadblock, spent a few hours sitting through puzzle subreddits until I accidentally stumbled upon a 3 year old post that spoke about a dated and pretty controversial method called ‘word indexing’ which is as simple as it sounds. 

So I inputted the letters Y,O,M, T, A, H and eliminated them from each of the star names, that left me with a somewhat odd phrase that slightly creeped me out, until I put them on the google search bar which took me to a year old YouTube video with only 532 views. 


Interesting indeed, one puzzle leads to the next.....