Re: stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site

EDIT  - I was browsing the idea forum for unrelated reasons when I found this idea on adding a kindle tag. Go give it some support if you're inn agreement too.

SJ Wrote: One time, we had a 'Trusted Publisher' privilege level ... Someone decided to abuse the system and post what were basically ads for upcoming books.

They were banned and the 'trusted publisher' tag simply removed from the site.

The plot thickens!

I jest, this is really useful info for the debate. It shows that RR isn't afraid to act when people break or take advantage of the existing rules, (because they removing the trusted published privilege level) so this could be interpreted three ways:

1 - The founders (I presume Wing and Kana are founders or at least administrators? I'm a little hazy on early RR history) side more with emperor yair and they'll eventually ban excerpts altogether.

2 - They don't mind people publishing their work for free only to later remove chapters and redirect people to Patreon or Amazon since RR has done nothing to crack down on the practice. 

3 - Somewhere in between, which I think is most likely. If RR stopped people from uploading purely for marketing in the past, they may do so again, but I think people who originally published for free and then moved the story will be fine. I think this because all the other web novel sites that don't require writers to become exclusive (like the sketchy webnovel/ dream websites) don't condone this practice either.

Like many others on this thread, I agree that this whole thing can be solved by RR introducing a 'teaser' / 'excerpt' status tag people can use instead of 'complete,' 'ongoing,' and 'hiatus.' Perhaps they could discourage the 'upload purely for marketing' by disabling the 'teaser' and 'excerpt' tags until the fiction has been public for a set amount of time. This way, it's easier to spot and report fictions that were uploaded purely for marketing.

Re: stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site

I half agree, but that's because I'm sad when I start a story, get lost, and then notice I'm, reading book 7 and the other 6 are on amazon. This happens occasionally due to my refusal to read chapter titles, since I hate spoilers like the plague.

Many authors here completely forgot to even link their previous works in the story description! So now I've read book 7, chapter one and I loathe spoilers so my will to read is gone.

Other than that I'm super happy for people to have the chance to make a living off their work and I try not to be entitled. I am free to be sad, though. Oh so sad.

Re: stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site

In my subjective opinion, authors who take down their stories from the site ought to state loudly and clearly(in the synopsis, and preferably at the beginning of every chapter that's up) that what is present is just a preview. This is what I will be doing when my story is published. This should also be clear by the fact that only four or five chapters exist. An announcement that chapters will be deleted should be made - as far in advance as the author is reasonably able to - to give current readers a chance to catch up.

Expecting an author to be prescient knowing months or years in advance that their story might eventually be published, however, is not something that can reasonably be asked of any human being.

Authors pour hundreds - and sometimes thousands - of hours of their life into this craft, often at the expense of family time, hobbies, travel, and other activities. All just to provide some entertainment and hopefully some inspiration for readers out there in the world. I've personally spent thousands of dollars on story art that I've shared freely with my RR readers, purely for their enjoyment.

Demanding that authors never seek compensation for this monumental effort after posting their works here for free is disgustingly entitled, selfish, and insensitive behavior that will only serve to drive authors away from posting their works, and perhaps even give up the craft itself.

Keep in mind that while RR remains a free site, it also supports patreon, which many authors on RR leverage this today - and have for many years. There, you will find readers paying $5 to $15 a month for the privilege of reading further ahead. So RR does have readers who are more than willing to pay for a story, and that too, pay far more than they would have if they'd simply purchased the book. I hear that the site plans to develop its own monetization mechanism in the future similar to patreon, making this a natively-supported feature.

Re: stories that the author delete the content to sell on amazon should be deleted from this site

To be fair. I don’t really mind.

It would indeed be nice, or even better: just get a notice/announcement if you’re already a follower that it’s gonna be published. I’ve had it happen once that I was still reading a book while it got published. That was a weird next chapter moment for me. 

I was kinda pissed, but the author did immediately upload an announcement saying that they did it and for what reason. I’m fine with that.

Hell, they deserve it. A good book is a work of art, and I would be lying if I said that I haven’t bought a book or two from this practice. Both, however, not because of the first few chapters still being there, but because I liked the book enough in the past to see how it is published and edited. And to show my support to the author.

There are two things that I despise though. 

1: The author who did it has an ok (at minimum) Patreon following. Imagine Yrrlisar (Forge of destiny) removing a large part of their fiction all of the sudden. After being supported by so many people they found on RR. It kinda feels like treason, even as a non-patron. Just dumping the reason for your original following....
I know he won’t do that (because he hasn’t) but it would be bad.

But this does mean that I fully agree that the author can use Patreon to decide the amount of chapters uploaded each week for example. Or ahead chapters, or even a hidden story for patrons only! As long as the original (unedited) version isn’t removed.

2: Let’s say the author has three books in one fiction, and publishes the first two, but keeps writing for the next book on the fiction. That’s what I find insulting. Reading chapter one, two, three and four, and then chapter 14 book 3. It’s just wrong and shows that the author only cares about their original followers. 

If you do such a thing at least give us (possible new readers) a summary about what happened beforehand, or even better, move the other book to a separate fiction. Then you can join in their without feeling like you missed something. I know it doesn’t really make a difference, but it just feels wrong to keep writing on a partially deleted fiction...

All in all however; authors should be allowed to remove their books (for sale, hiatus or account deletion is something else) as long as they announce it a bit beforehand (publishing takes time after all) and give a good notice. If they make a good bit of money via Patreon however.....
Then maybe give it a second thought.