Re: If you are into curses and epic battles...

Hello everyone!

I'm a new author, and I want to promote my story.
But first, I want to say something. I have only been here one day, and I already like it! Royal Road has offered me much more features than any other platform. I think I'm going to stick here for a long time, and I feel motivated too! 

After checking the forums, I saw a lot of engagement and hot topics. It only means that this is indeed a great community! looking forward to meeting all of you!

Like I said, after familiarizing myself with the platform a bit, I decided to share my work with the community, so I'm promoting my novel here!

It's a dark fantasy novel, that I've been working on for the last year. I hope that you guys will check it out and give me some thoughts!

Quote:Title: The Curse Of Wardoks.

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller, Action.

Synopsis: They live among us... and they know every detail about our lives... and yet, we don't even know about their existence.

Here is the link (You can also check it out from my signature):

Thank you all ^^