Re: I just got isekai'ed to Royal Road!

Hello everyone! I'm Blank and I'm new here.

After I finished uploading my chapters. I came to the forums to discover the community, and that's when I found this forum. I'm supposed to introduce myself here and guess what, that's exactly what I'm gonna do!

Well, like a said, people, refer to me as Blank! There is no story behind this nickname, they just do because I use it a lot. I'm a beginner writer, who's working on his first novel ever "The Curse Of Wardoks". It's a fantasy story, similar to AOT and GOT. I hope that you guys will like it. So....what's next...Oh! I've been contributing to this universe's entropy since 1996. I'm an engineer in real life ( Who tries to become a writer) and I play volleyball!

That's it I  guess, I hope that this was enough for you to build up an image of me and I hope that you guys welcome me into this community ^^.

Thank you all.

A banner of my novel.

Re: I just got isekai'ed to Royal Road!


parkertallan Wrote: Welcome to Royal Road from fellow engineer. Finally got tired of only writing technical reports so I finally decided to write something for myself. Best decision I ever made. Hope it turns out that way for you too. That's a cool banner. You should put it in your signature so it shows up whenever you post to the Forums. Include a link to your story as well. Good luck.

Thank you ^^

I will surely add it! I'm still learning about the features here. You just gave me a huge hint haha!