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Since the very first uploaded chapter, I've been waiting and dreading for this day. And it finally happened. I thought it would happen sooner, quicker, but it didn't. Then I hoped it would happen later, way later. But then, with no warning, in an instant, it happened. I refreshed a dashboard to see a plus one new view, and a new point zero five star rating.
Is this the first scar from many more to come? Can I call myself a writer now? I guess, yes.

Re: The Very First .5

It happens, unfortunately... Maybe it's a troll or someone that genuinely didn't like your work. I gave it a quick read— all 6 chapters avaliable — and didn't find anything that would warrant such a low rating. I'm not a big fan of litrpg, but it was still an enjoyable read. Though it could use better wording for some parts. I left you a fair rating to help counter-balance that unfair 0.5. ( Might even change it to a review once you get some more chapters out. )  Cheers.

Re: The Very First .5

I have honestly never read a story which I felt truly deserved a lower than 1-star rating. I do not understand the mindset of those who do such things, but it does indeed happen to everyone sooner or later.

To be perfectly honest, I suspect we all receive more than our share of undeserved 5-stars as well, and no one complains about those. xD

Consider it a rite of passage and move on. I know it hurts to have someone basically say 'this story doesn't deserve to exist' without even saying why, but it is impossible to write something that will please everyone.

There's a good chance the person simply doesn't 'get' your story and never will. As someone who once managed to get an advanced review with detailed explanations of exactly why my story was so hated (though it later disappeared) I can safely say that some people will simply miss the whole point of everything you're doing. It's something you just have to accept.

Look at the reviews for the stories or movies or games you love most of all, that you consider closest to perfection, and you'll find they too get negative reviews. There is no universal scale upon which every story can be placed; each person has different tastes and what one loves for a specific reason another will hate for that same reason.

But, I digress. Glad to see you're inclined to take it well, regardless. :) Keep at it, you've got this.
Congrats, and welcome to the club. xD

Re: The Very First .5

Of course, why would anyone complain about free five stars. Those are tasty. If only there was an achievement for the first bitter star though, just the first one.

And, oh, it doesn't hurt at all. I'm more impressed with the effort. Not like it's possible to just click on a story and rate it. You have to click on a story, then scroll down to chapters, then click on that chapter, then go back to the story's page and only then you can rate it. It's actual effort. It's a lot easier to just close the tab if one doesn't like the story.

If anything, I got some good stuff out of it.

Re: The Very First .5

Congrats, well kind of. Yes, it's an unfortunate fact of life on Royal Road that when a story shows up on Trending, the 0.5 stars strike. They strike at other times as well. Quite frankly they can strike at any time. To paraphrase some really good author. Ask not for whom the 0.5 star rating falls, they fall for thee.