Re: issue with uploading a temporary cover image

That error suggests there's an error in your html code, such as a = something blank in quotes, or a tag that doesn't have any value. Of course, it's hard because you cannot post your html in order for us to review it as that would, well, pump it into your reply and give you an error ^^; 

Here's a link of step-by-step to produce a sig. Try following it?

There's a couple of other methods (well essentially the same but explained differently) in this thread too.

Hopefully one of them will help!

If not, relaunch the help plea. Do you have a hosting site for your picture, such as flickr or tumblr? If you do, try taking a photo of your sig code and then posting that picture in your hosting site, and then inserting that pic into your thread so people can look at your code and debug it. God help me, there's probably an easier way of showing us your code, but I can't figure it out...