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Everyone seems to go at their own pace. I personally write a lot. over the past 3 months, I've written around 300+k words. Is that normal? No, and yes. If you can get your chapters done in the time you want them to be, it should be fine. I would say I'm above average in the sheer amount of writing, but not necessarily in how good my stories are. Unless it's outrageously low, like one word a day, I'd say quality and consistency are more important than quantity.

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Since you are (presumably) a fellow hobby writer remember that this isn't a competition. So don't get too hung up on your output to the point it gets in the way of your writing or enjoyment. Practice improves the output as well so don't worry if this is beginner's nerves

When I started writing as a hobby, I was happy to get 500 words done a day. Now I average about 1500 (I found a really good course).

I am proud of this, but it is only a good thing because that is what I was working for rather than because of what it is compared to somebody else's output.

There are plenty of writers who are faster than me, and many slower. My method works for me, but it may not for anyone else.

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Jon Wrote: isn't a competition

Well, excluding the writathons, even if those are more challenge than competition. I agree with the go at your own pace thing. 

But I'm starting to think it would be interesting to make a ten words a day story. You can use up to 10 words every day, adding to the maximum number of words you can use. Editing is fine, so if you erase something, add that number back to your word count, and you have more words you can use that day. So if a sentence is just barely cut off, you have to do heavy editing and optimization to the rest of the story, shortening it, making it skinny. Basically just a sentence or two a day. Like a word limit.

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I personally try to write chapters with a limit of two thousand words. And a minimum of 1200 words. I’d say go at your own pace. Keep things at the pace you feel comfortable with and won’t feel burned out by. I used to write a chapter that was around that long everyday this past Christmas break. I’ve been pushing back the release. Trying to write several chapters a week. But that’s still around 4500 words a week. I say take your time and try to write what you think is your best.

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One of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn (and still struggle with) is not to compare my writing speed to others too much. I’m a lot slower than many other authors. Recently I pushed myself to my limits to complete NaNoWriMo and... realised I really wasn’t happy with the quality of the output at that faster pace. That story got deleted.

But I do try to write every day. 

Other than that, I’m not consistent at all! On busy days I might only manage one sentence. A good day for me is 500 words, while a great one is 1000+ (those don’t happen often). In the end, while I still sometimes feel down about my pace compared to others, it really is how I personally write best. The key is finding what works best for you and what you’re personally happy with, I think.

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When I have a day to write free of work/errands, I can usually bang out a solid 2000-3000 words.

Is it more than most people write? Nah, but I don't stress it. As long as you are happy with the work you produce, it's all that matters. 

But if you feel like you could be writing more, investigate what is holding you back from writing more in a day. Is it your typing speed? Is your story not fleshed out enough to where you can let your fingers glide across the keys? Is it grammar?

The more areas you discover you can work on, the better! Because that means when you've handled all your problem areas, you can write a lot more optimally :)

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LordShea Wrote: I am curious for writers of LitRPG if you feel that the calculations and looking up the stats and all of the numbers decrease the number of words that you write in a day.

I try to write 500, but it is hard to work a full day and then to commit a few hours everyday to keep writing.

I would imagine it would affect writing time to a certain extent, though that really depends on how "accurate" they want to be if that makes sense. I've read a few where they obviously didn't really care about balance in terms of stats lol. 

But for authors who really care about being as in-depth as possible, I can see calculations taking up a bit of time - especially if they are leveling up characters, giving them new weapons/armor, etc. 

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I find my self browsing the forums and commenting as opposed to writing my novel, in 10 minutes my children's breaktime will end and our school day will resume until their lunch time. 

Then it is another tediously long (almost 3 hours) stint where I have to find a balance between helping my 4 different age grouped children with their school work due to them not being at school thanks to the Rona.

Before I had this new unpaid job as being my children's primary educator, I was hitting around 3000 words a day, my chapters just seemed to be getting longer and longer as there is always more to write. I do this is hope that the nonsense I sprout is actually half decent and my followers aren't part of my imagination.

At the moment I'm averaging around 500-1000 a day but that's only after I've made dinner, cleaned and tidied up. I still see that as a worthwhile achievement as I've managed to do something at least.

Anyway back to the grind. 

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My chapters average around 1k words. I've set my goal to be 1k words a day, essentially one chapter.

This usually takes around an hour and a half for me and not longer than two hours max if I'm really not in the mood or distracted.

Things I do to help are using a pomodoro timer. Keeps me focused and helps prevent being distracted by youtube or anime. In addition to that, whenever I get stuck not able to think of anything "good" to write. I rough draft questions and next steps/possible upcoming outcomes that would happen in the story. Eventually landing on something to spur on ideas.

It definitely does get easier once you get in the pattern and stick to it though. You get to the point where you tell yourself, this isn't as tough as that one day. This is nothing. That alone goes a long way in helping keep up the consistency. 

I've also ran into those good days where churning out way more than expected, around 4 to 5 chapters happens. You get to that really fun part of the story that finally you get to write about, though usually it ends up being super late by the time I realize and I'm hungry and need to take a really bad piss.

All of this gets tossed into the air though when I get to the editing stage. I keep writing until there's a sizeable backlogs of chapters and have been trying to limit the amount of editing/revisions down to two times. Not including plot holes and fixes that need to be made to improve the overall story. Editing is its own dang category and can be really annoying and I find it at times taking just as long to edit as it would to write more material.

Anyways that was more than I thought I'd type on a phone so yeah. I'm interested to hear how others approach the editing process and what not.