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Hello, dear friends!

I have finally finished the first part of my story The Beast and The Swallow. And since I not only love to write but also do art from time to time, I want to show you the progress of my cover-art skills. Both backgrounds for Book I and Book II are flower-photos I have personally taken, that were later fractalized and further adjusted in Krita. The font is from your average Tempus Sans ITC provided by Word, and the additional images are either hand-drawn or edited from free internet-sources. (Btw, the hearts on Book II come from the image fractalization and were not added separately. The wreath is a transformed free image and the smoke and white reflexes in the hearts are done with Krita brushes.)

Now, what do you think? Any suggestions for improvements? Critiques? Just a simple "cool art"?

Book I


Book II 


Re: Comparing covers: Book I vs Book II


parkertallan Wrote: Both are great. Seeing them in the larger size really shows all the detailed work you did. I'd have to say I like the first one the best. The detail in the swords and swallow is outstanding. However, I think the second cover seems to handle being reduced to a smaller size better.

I agree with you. It is probably due to the fact that the only extra detail for Book II is the wreath. And the hearts and star that is formed by the background are relatively simple shapes, so they result in a better image when minimized. Besides, I think that the contrast is better in the second one. 

Re: Comparing covers: Book I vs Book II


Robazn Wrote: Fantastic artwork. I am quite curios on what the second one is about. I do get a bit of depressive feeling from it though (as if something bad has already happened or is going to happen), perhaps that is part of its charm?

You sure do have a keen eye  peoapproval  peoEsmile 
What can I say? Feel free to check the story for more insights. Or if you simply want to satiate your curiosity, just read the last 3-4 chapters (46-49) of Book I. I can promise a heartthrob.