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Very simple. What are your reading preferences. What are your tastes? What are you a sucker for?

What do you like to read

I'm putting a link to this thread in the current story I'm writing, so anybody who reads it can get a good sense of the tastes of the people who frequent RR.
Tell anyone who's going to read it what you like. Who knows, maybe someone will be inspired by it one day?

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About 2-3 weeks ago I cracked the '100 tabs active in my browser' mark on my way down the iceberg of the popular meme.  The majority had royalroad in the URL, a few were at novelupdates, a handful on scribblehub, and a good half-dozen on a manga aggregator.

Previously for the duration of the translation of Coiling Dragon (CD) and I Shall Seal the Heavens (ISSTH) there was a section of tabs permenantly dedicated to WuxiaWorld, but good Wuxia / Xianxia are hard to find.

So Anons, come with me down memory lane for a bit for some background - the best way to explain what I prefer today is with some history of what I found enjoyable.

I did not have internet at home until I was about 10.  My sister started her PhD in cryptology, and it was finally time for the world wide web to be at my fingertips! (Or so I thought at the time... Life was simpler then.  It turned out the dedicated internet computer ran red hat linux, which put a considerable damper on proceedings.)

Before that, I had to settle for what was available on the family bookshelf, including Sir Walter Scott's translation of the legends of King Arthur (whose existence can be proved if the Vatican would open their records), Alistair Maclean, Tom Clancy, Charles Dickens (ugh), and Capt. W. E. Johns.  Occasional trips to the local libraries yielded up Asterix & Obelix (by Goscinny and Underzo) and Tintin (by Herge).  Oh and don't forget C.S Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein, and Enid Blyton.  Of course, J.K. Rowling slipped in there too.

In reality, it wasn't until several years later when I discovered Dragon Ball manga in the school library, that I really started to crunch through the crust of the big swamp of data.  You see, one of the volumes was missing and I just had to get my grubby paws on it!  Cue my discovery of manga aggregators, and I will never regret reading the Ah! My Goddess series.

Time passed and eventually there was a manga I simply couldn't find the rest of. Then I discovered the joys of light / web novels, and the Japtem website along with the Royal Road story, which RoyalRoadLegends (this site's former domain name) was created to translate the rest of after the original translators dropped it.

From there dear Anons, I became an avid consumer of most genres of fiction available.  However I steer clear of grimdark like the plague.  That depressing poison can go rot far, far away.  I read to enjoy and destress, not to be stressed.

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My tastes are a bit... Well...  I like Wuxia, even more so when it has some darker udertones to it, like say, Revered Insanity. I also enjoy classic high fantasy works, though i tend to prefer dark fantasy. I love horror and thriller, even more so when they are set at around the victorian era— or something inspired by it.

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I'm a huge fan of queer romance stories, especially anything with lesbian mc's, especially especially if they are in a fantasy setting :D More generally I mostly only read stories with female mcs, even some well written stories with male mcs xD

I'm also a huge sucker for gamelit that isn't rpg (not that i don't love a good LitRPG though lol)? Like ones with entirely different game systems (like: A 3% Chance for Glory or Cold Steel Dig  and The Draw of the Unknown ). I also love continuous reincarnation stories, especially when the mc isn't always the same species! [url=][/url]

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Quote:Asterix & Obelix (by Herge & Goscinny) and Tintin (by Herge and Underzo).

Tintin is by Herge.

Albert Uderzo & Rene Gościnny were Asterix.

I was lucky (!) enough to attend several English boarding schools with large libraries, so I cut my literary teeth on T.E. White, endless shelves of adventure stories (all wildly colonialist) and detective novels from the Hardy Boys up to Raymond Chandler.  Tolkien and Lewis were inevitable.

These days (decades later), I read a lot of non-fiction.  Lots of politics, economics, history, mythology.  Not biography, though.  Can't stand it for some reason.

I still love comics, too.

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In the 80's I cut my teeth on things like Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, Where the Red Fern Grows, Big Red/ Irish Red, Hatchet, shit like that. adventure/ mysteries. 
I got into sci-fi with star wars and star trek. Aliens, Predator, Terminator, robocop, the usual caped hero comics. I've been a fan of spiderman since I was 6 years old because despite all the things he does and goes through, he's still down-to-earth, grounded, relatable. 
In the 90's and straight horror and sci-fi. Stephen King, Dean Koontz, blah blah blah. I started watching anime back in the early 90's and started buying fansub tapes. 
I got into (and out of) dragonlance and icewind dale, started reading louis l'amour westerns. Also in the 90's I was a huge fan of shakespeare; King Lear and Hamlet. 
In the early 2000's I read the wheel of time and sword of truth series; I dropped the sword of truth series because Goodkind was a fucking nutjub and started forcing his objectivism philosophy into his work. 
I started reading the Deathlands Saga 'round about then, it's like 165 books of pure unadulterated pulp crap. I love the shit out of it. Started branching out into poetry and the usual stuff they push as part of your average english lit college course. 
When I lived in Japan I read novels of various genres, mostly modern stuff, though if you're deep into literature you simply have to read Genji no Monogatari and The Pillow Book. Japanese literature basically breaks down into modern fiction and historical fiction. Things like "fantasy" are either imported and translated into japanese, or it's relegated to light novels, manga, and anime. 

In 2008 I started writing my "Katarina the Witch Hunter" series. The first draft was utter crap, a measly 54 pages from start to finish. The more I worked on it, the more it improved. The latest revision is 13 full-length novels; however as I've been going through and clearing out some of the more excessive and unnecessary scenes, I think it's going to be 11 or perhaps 12 books- While the series is "complete", it's going through more or less its final revision even as we speak. 

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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Also, I like to read books.
Not a joke response. Any type of book, really.  as long as it can hold my attention. Hell, I read physics textbooks when I was bored out of my skull as a child in that hellhole I went to. Funnily, I didn't actually understand it completely. But I like things like quantum physics. I remember me back then(around 12ish? maybe 11) being absolutely enamoured with Majorana fermion particles. As well as exotic matter and it's possible applications/artificial creation. Also, how annihilation could affect the next big bang thingy (haven't even thought of that one for a while.) How it theoretically could destroy the "loop" People think that the universe follows whenever it resets. Again, I was a kid. Kinda naiive. And I was kinda mean, too.
So I like reading about that kinda stuff. Also, I like things like negligible senescence, and looking at the SENS research. And microorganisms such as the hydra(genus) which sounds cool if you put those two together instead of reading it as two words. 

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As a child, my parents were extremely overprotective to the point where I had plan out times to sneak out and play with the neighbors and run back into the house before they notice that I had gone missing.  At the same time, my mother's English tutor kept bringing me adventure and fantasy genre books whenever she came over.  So, whenever I couldn't sneak out, I was cooped up in the house, reading these books as well as flipping through some of my uncle's old college textbooks (which probably sparked my early interest in going to college--and me graduating during the pandemic).  Eventually, my family had internet when I turned 12, but I ended up writing a lot of stories that I wished were available online or published.

As I grew older, I eventually went on to read spin-off fairytale novels where these classic Western fairytale princesses and damsel-in-distresses took charge of their destiny and went adventuring! Also, I had spent three years, living in an area where I didn't have internet access, so I helped start a writing circle with my girl-cousins to keep ourselves busy and nerdy.  At the same time, I began reading sci-fi novels and post-apocalyptic ones.  Forward to last year (2020) during the pandemic when I got bored and decided to read my first Xianxia genre novel online.  I've been hooked since then!  

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Generally speaking I enjoy stories with a lot of action in them, mostly because I'm a big sucker for well-written fight scenes. Probably why I like to watch anime so much. Exploration and adventure stories are also a lot of fun with good worldbuilding. I'm a big fan of LotR, so I tend to enjoy similar fics. Horror I'm a bit picky about, since a lot of people tend to rely on shock factor more than anything, but it's a genre I like. Especially when it's not overly predictable without trying to constantly throw twists at the reader.

When a story has good character growth? Yes please. Found family? Hits me right in the heart.

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I'm a huge sucker for original Adventure, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi's with great world-building, character development, and twists. 

I love the feeling of being and feeling immersed in a totally different world with interesting characters to ride along with. Watching characters progress plot, and grow character-wise is a lot of fun, especially if you really like them.

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If I have to choose between plot-driven and character-driven stories, I'd go for character-driven every time. Worlds that leave you with a sense of awe are also a weakness.

In terms of specific authors... Tolkien was my first great love. But over time, I've grown to be just as fond of Robin Hobb (the Realm of the Elderlings) and Guy Gavriel Kay's history-inspired works.