Hello, I am very new to royal road and original fiction in general, having written mostly fanfic before. I decided to try my hand out at original fiction with a short story that's sort of a 'taste' of a larger story that I've had bouncing around in my head for a while. "The Glimmerling" is story that is set in the world I've been thinking about, with a self-contained plot in itself that has some larger hooks that I could follow up on if I decided to expand on it.

Title: The Glimmerling

30k words

Link: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/39018/the-glimmerling

Synopsis: A young wizard wanders through a dark forest. He meets strange creatures, a witch who accompanies him, and together they travel to a village under a dark curse. 

To expand a little bit (with some minor spoilers): The story focuses on a young wizard and witch, Martimeos and Elyse, as they meet on their travels and decide to journey together to a village cursed with disappearing children, directed there on advice from a dark woodland creature. Though wizards and witches are formidable, they are young, and the forest and the villages within full of many dangers and dark creatures. They must use what ability they have with the Art  to investigate the haunted, cursed village and find out the truth behind the vanished children.

The story contains: Some horror elements (no heavily detailed descriptions of gore) and some borderline sexual content (again, nothing super detailed/explicit). And while it is a short, self-contained adventure in itself, it has some loose ends that may be followed up on if I decide to go ahead and write the full story. Strange creatures, wizard's and witch's familiars, mysterious ruins and dark spirits. If you don't mind something that is (for now) limited in scope, then you might enjoy this.  

Also: I understand original fiction is a lot more difficult to find readers for than fanfic. If you have any advice for places to advertise work, I'd love to hear it!

Thank you for your time.