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Menschenjaeger is the story of a young woman named Sharkie. She lives in the sunless, perpetually-dark dystopia of Savlop-2, makes her home in a repurposed shipping container, and is saving up to buy tools and become a mechanic. She also happens to be seven feet tall and strong enough to do a passable impression of a forklift. 

One day, an attempt to make a bit of extra cash goes wrong and she loses her job. She makes a few rash decisions and is faced with an ultimatum: live the rest of her short life in fear of assassins, or join one of her slum’s most powerful gangs as a soldier and hitman. She chooses the latter, and must now try to make her way in Savlop-2’s brutal criminal underworld with nothing but a diamond-edged powersaw and her own baser instincts. 

May contain: 
-Some sexual content (though rarely explicit) 
-A balance between action/adventure and slice-of-life sections 
-Scary women 
-Scary men 
-Loads of guns 
-Chain-smoking cowboys 

Some of my inspirations include: the works of Roger Zelazny, Gene Wolfe, William Gibson, and Paolo Bacigalupi, Warhammer 40K, No Country for Old Men, Snow Crash, Black Lagoon, Jormungand, and Altered Carbon. 

Updates are twice a week and are at least 3k words each. The story currently sits at 228 pages. 

Thanks for reading! I hope that if you check out my story, you enjoy it. 

Re: January Thread - Promote your Story

Aevalin and The Age of Readventure

Klause Schuar,  the Grand Bastard who destroyed the world in his pursuit of magical power, believed to be a only legend by some, is a memory and a horror of the distance past. Though seven-hundred years after the Age of Darkness, the world is birthing itself anew—the roads have opened and the festering plague that extinguished entire nations is no more. Now the newly formed guilds are active. Where monster hunting and dungeon diving are lucrative trades, long dead kingdoms are being rebuilt in this glorious age of rediscovery—The Age of Readventure!


Re: January Thread - Promote your Story


This is a story about a young adult, Darius, his ambition to secure an above average job, to make himself useful and his parents proud.

This is a story about humanity, animals and plants, and their interaction with the bringer of „magic“, Program.

This is a story about the admins of Program and their daily struggles with solving Program errors, caused by the users of Program (humanity included) and the other, more chaotic admins.

(not a LitRPG)

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