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Name: Apex Mortis

Synposis: 5000 years ago A war happened and Lord of Destruction, Aibe Mortis was sealed into eternal slumber. Now, He is out of that slumber but he is attached to a merchant girl who he saved from a swarm of goblins.
He sets on a journey along with the merchant girl to gain back his powers and destroy the other 6 Lords to fullfill his revenge.

Cover of the book:


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H E L L O!

The Adventurer's Academy is an action-adventure slice of life story about a girl from a small town trying to become an adventurer. Check it out!


Rin Asahiro, a twenty-year-old sex worker, decides to turn her life around and become an adventurer.

Only, she has a vague idea of what the actual occupation of being an adventurer entails. In an effort to lead a life she could be proud of, Rin will learn exactly what encompasses the dichotomy of adventuring:

Glory and devastation, all while she tries to maneuver around obstacles in a strange world.


Currently, it is at 58K words, In the last arc of the first volume!

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Hello all. 

If you're interested in a dark fantasy isekai litRPG novel where the main characters have been assigned the role of the villains, then take a look at my novel, Undetermined. 

Be prepared for lots of gore, death, trauma, insanity, chaos, and destruction. My main characters have more than just a few screws loose, and the heroes aren't going to defeat themselves. 

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Hey guys, I've been working on this story for a couple of years now and wanted to see how well it does story wise. I plan on making it an ongoing series since I have the whole story planned out. I'm also planning on making this into a manga so I'd appreciate it if you give any kind of criticism. 



Nole Fulgur is your average 17 year old teenager living in the hood where riots and protests occur on a daily routine. He sees the lies and deception used by the people to convince themselves that destroying properties and acting in violence will help change the world for the better, as well as the government taking advantage of the chaos for their own political gain. As someone who once wanted to travel the world to experience the good in life, Nole is cynical to everything around him, believing that he'll never have opportunity or the skills needed to leave the hood. He is numb to all of the corruptions of the world and wishes to be left alone from all the problems around him. 

One day however after encountering one of the world most notorious serial killer, Nole is given the power of immortality and the ability to channel lightning throughout his body. With his newfound powers, Nole is now targeted by the people and the world government for his connections to the serial killer and quickly discovers that there are other people with unworldly powers with their own plans to take control of society. Along the way, he struggles to fulfill his dreams of living freely and exploring the world due to the danger he possesses. In a battle to keep his sanity in tact, Nole's morality is put to the test as he fights, manipulates, disrupts, and destroys his way through those posing as an obstacle for him.

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Title: The Curse Of Wardoks.

Genre: Fantasy, Action, Thriller.


They live among us... and they know every detail about our lives... and yet, we don't even know about their existence.

This is a story about a world unknown to humans, in which a species similar to us, lives in. They call themselves the Wardoks. The Wardoks have the ability to jump back and forth between their world and the human world, without being noticed. If any human was to ever discover about their existence, that human would be killed immediately.
After the end of a war that had occurred in the Wardok world, the winning party decided to take over the human world, and unleash a surprise invasion.

This is a story about, fights, strategy, leveling up, friendship, love, and above all feelings!

You can check the story here, or in my signature. It's free and you can always stop ^^

Thank you for your time!

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Laus Deo

Status: 5/44 chapters posted. The story is already complete, new chapters will be up every second day.


Quote: Abigail and Elias are already in the middle of the worst month of their lives. Then, just as they return from their parents’ funeral, a grouchy angel bursts into their house, demanding their help. A powerful ward has kept the Earth safe from demons for two-thousand years. Now, it weakens. If the ward falls, the Earth will once again become a battleground in the continuing war between Heaven and Hell.

The siblings are soon caught between trying to retain a semblance of a normal life and the quest to ensure humanity's survival. And Abigail begins to suspect there is more to her parents' deaths than the police reports concluded.

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Genre: Mystery

A slow burn illustrated Novel for people who just want to watch a slowly moving car crash that starts off bad but gets so much worse. Heavy focus on character interactions and drama, that gradually gets involved with the secret horrors behind the smog.

As the smoke and smog spill into the sky, many have accepted it as just the way things are. Even while the Ildens get's colder and colder with each passing year, and no one seems to care.

Three people who shouldn't be close find themselves forced to work with each other. But will their efforts only help to make things worse?

At this point does it actually matter how much worse it can get?

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I've recently uploaded part 1 of my post-apocalyptic lesbian romance short story, Destination: Tomorrow! It has 8 parts in total.

Sara has her own rules during the apocalypse: keep moving, stay quiet, and keep to yourself. When she meets Katina, those rules go out the window.

While Sara tries to suppress her budding feelings for this strange, new girl—because who has time for romance when the dead rise?—the two must fend off savages and the infected if they want to survive to see tomorrow.

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I've recently started posting Chapter 4 of my science fantasy web novel The Bloodlet Sun which follows the second-in-command of the starship Forseti, racing towards a wormhole on the the distant frontiers of the Thorian Empire in the hopes of finding the key to faster space travel and to propel Humanity to the forefront of interstellar politics.

My web novel follows an array of other POV characters, both on the Forseti and off - including a Human woman raised on a distant moon wondering if her people had come from the stars and whether they're still out there, and a hot-headed Mraboran diplomat trying to make the best of her new position on a boring backwater planet called Earth. 

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Hello Everyone,

as a new author, I need mostly critical feedback to improve my writing. My current story is a non-litRPG high-fantasy fiction with a focus on medieval swordplay, mutations and superhuman abilities (which are being explained) and later high fantasy with magic.

Here is the link and synopsis:

Children of Nemeah | Royal Road

Something evil lurks in Nemeah. Changelings possess ordinary citizens and turn them into horrific monsters with terrible capabilities. 

The only group able to deal with this threat is the mysterious Red Brigade. Empowered by the goddess Akali, they gain the strength needed to kill these unfortunate souls. Until a normal guardsman, Siegfried, cuts down one of the changelings.


Children of Nemeah is a fantasy adventurer that focuses on character growth, magical powers, dangerous enemies, and the dynamic between its heroes.

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The city, my city, had once been alive in a way that was hard to describe. Thriving, active, hopeful. Vibrant.

But life, as I had come to learn, sometimes possesses only the most tenuous of grasps. Finally, in the end, it became my city - mine alone

I was, after all, the only one left.

Worse, it was entirely my fault.

There was red in my ledger that could never be wiped clean.

Not while I still lived, anyway.

This story follows Eran, a man who became the opposite of everything he had ever wanted to be; in a world where superpowers began to appear in a rare few, his lack of control over his own power relegated him to the role of a terrible villain - the Reaper, named so for the countless lives that he absorbed and made his own, each only furthering his deadly lack of control. Gone mad with guilt and isolation, he strove for a single heroic act - his own demise.

Death was less permanent than he hoped. Centuries later, he woke to a changed world and in a body not his own. Unfortunately, his power came with him. Yet this time, things would be different. This time, he had a chance to bring it under control.

He could never truly make up for the things he had done; he could never achieve redemption.

That wouldn't stop him from trying to be a hero.

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This is my take on a classic cultivation story in a fantastical world, without the bogus face slappings and cliches of Chinese authors. There won't be transmigration, reincarnation, or a system. The MC will have some cheat powers but they are all completely enclosed within the world and make sense.

The novel is currently approaching the finale of the first arc. Looking for feedback, reviews, and also, I just want to promote it so more people can enjoy the work. 


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Here's a gamer fic set in the multiverse after MC dies. I like dark stories, so this fic will be dark, even if there will be fluff and lighthearted situations from time to time. Betrayals, schemes, world-building (Probably multiverse building), progression, and did I say this was a gamer fic? I mean, literal [My life became a video game].


Soo... Hello? Why am I doing this? Ugh... Anyway, name's Sethsamm, no last name. Why you ask? Well... it all started with me waking up and having this RPG-like window in front of me. Sounds like one of the many mangas' I read, funny. So I got this window, then it explains that my life is now a video game. And then shit hits the hay...

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Are you looking for something a bit different? Dishonor is a gritty Dystopian novel set far in the future of Earth. Female lead and some dashes of romance. Publishing a chapter a week until I have published everything I have already written. I have about 120,000 words written total for the story.


I am Dishonored. I am the lowest caste in a city of honor. I live in a prison with only the promise of death. I am a mouth to feed in an overpopulated city that no one can leave.

The City was built by the wealthy to withstand a nuclear blast, and it did; leaving its citizens trapped within its twisted sanctuary. A classist honor system developed that ensured the wealthy maintained their place within the walls, and the less fortunate were held prisoner. Liv was born as one of the most honored citizens of the city; one of the noble class. After her father was executed for treason, she was striped of her honor, and without honor, she was nothing. Facing life in prison with the criminal scum of an overpopulated city that could care less if the lowest caste died, Liv is determined to regain her honor and former status. With nothing left to lose, she is willing to do anything to avenge her father and regain her honor.

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First time posting on the forum, but my story got to trending on the Sci-fi catergory, so it's about time i did this. I'm currently writing a sci-fi mixed with light fantasy, short chapters and fast updates (at least at the moment). Female lead, and a mix of several genres (from mythos to magic) that are not overpowering the main one that is a futuristic sci-fi story about a space solider that got injured in a battle against aliens and wakes up a hundred years later.

Lilith is a space soldier of the United Nations military in 2195, bearing the title of Lieutenant in the UN-Charon. A mission to intercept space pirates goes wrong as the pirate ship is infested by a newly discovered race of alien creatures known as Rachnids, which kill her crew. Even though she manages to kill the aliens, she is heavily wounded and thought dead... Until she awakens a hundred years later, in an unknown laboratory, with half of her body now replaced by biomechanical implants, including an assistant AI which helps her get used to her body, and some unwanted tag-alongs.  
She gets greeted by an entire new reality where humanity is just a small species in the galactic civilization, where dozens of alien races live together, and people now use a freshly created technomagic to interact with the world. 
Lilith has to manage her return to duty, and adapt to this new reality, but her return is about to bring forth great changes... to the whole galaxy and more.

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