Re: Phoenix Border

Happy New Year Wing!!! Hope you and RR have a kickass year that rises from the years before it Wink

This month's is a toughie. The Phoenix border is truly gorgeous and I love the symbolism with reference to the new year. Perfectly timed! I think I'm in #TeamPlatinum2, though, because I just feel like showing off! XD


Re: Phoenix Border

I was very happy with the level 20 border (maxed gold), but last week I reached level 21 and the level border is the smallest platinum one. Now I had to read the usernames in the comment sections to find my own comments, instead of just looking for the huge golden border. Using the border of a lower level than my current one is no option for me (I worked hard for those levels!), so I'm in #TeamPhoenix for the foreseeable future. I like this border much better than the earlier premium borders.

I also was reminded of the Firefox logo in the first moment