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Temple Wrote: I've been writing for several months now and only realized I don't much interaction with the forums, or even the community at large other than in my own story. Since I've finished the second arc of my story, I decided to improve my own writing by reviewing other stories. That said, I'll be offering free reviews for any kind of story. While I'll be giving honest reviews, I do understand that we, or most of us, are hobby writers working on our own free time, many have English as their second language. Since I'll try to keep this up as long as I can, I'll put some rules for you and me:

1. I'll review at least two (2) stories per week.

2. I'll review stories that have at least 50 pages and already a month old.

3. I'll read about 15k words before giving an advanced review (I usually read way more than 15k anyway and I also jump forward and check chapters further in the story).

4. If there's a certain part of your story that you want me to review but it's after 15k words in (for example, the magic system is further along in the story) do tell me that part so I can look at it. I know 15k words may not be enough for stories with slower pacing so tell me where I can skip ahead for the more important parts. 

5. I'll put up a queue for five stories. If ever I do decide to end this free reviews, I promise to at least finish the stories in the queue. I'll add the next stories in line every time I finish those five. I'll post a list of the reviewed stories and the current batch in queue. 

6. I'll PM you when the review is up. If you want me to remove it then I will. We can also discuss writing matters if you wish; I believe the way to improve is to have writer friends, so that's what I'm doing now.

Queue - On Hold


1. Reboot Reality
2. Aeonica
3. Death in Siberia
4. Land of Erden
5. A Stranger in Sorcercerstown
6. Tales of a Grim World
7. Ragna
8. Rising from the war of fog
9. Dots
10. The Courting of Life and Death
11. Diaries of a fighter
12. After-Life
13. The Beast and the Swallow
14. The Familia Head was Reborn as a Wolf in Another World
15. Among Monster and Men
16. Musical Land
17. Until You Do It Right
18. Four of Fools
19. Diverge Summoning
20. Mind
21. Master of Names
22. Syche: The Dark Element
If you are still doing this, I would appreciate you reviewing, ‘Guardian.’

Right now, it has 15k words, well, slightly less. Anyway, that would be four chapters. It is a combination of epic, high, and dark fantasy. However, it is lighter than my other works.

Re: Free Reviews

Hi, if you would review my story Sleight of Nano , I would really appreciate it. I'd prefer you do not post the review on the page itself. Just send it to me in a PM, that'll be fine.

I've been having a period of writer's block for a while now, partly because I have gotten a job and have been very tired lately. It's hard to find the energy to write, but at the same time I feel guilty about not finishing my story. This one is barely done, but I hope whatever is in it would interest you. Maybe your review would give me some semblance of motivation to continue the story. Thank you.