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In order to commemorate 2021 and have a colorful start to the New Year, here is some new art from The Beast and The Swallow. What makes it even more important is that I have finally finished Book 1 of the story, so it is about time to properly introduce the main cast.

First, we have... The Beast and The Swallow (Noah and Lorelei). Here they are drawn as they are described in Chapter 10 and Chapter 11... mostly. (Someday I need to draw them full-body)


But what would the Tales of Norden be without another major player - Noah's best friend and former squire, Gregor? Also known as Gerash (with his actual came being Gerashgor of Wolf Mountain), he is a member of the magical binshi tribe and serves not only as a knight of Norden, but also as a shaman. In this picture, he is shown in a typical binshi attire, contrary to his usual depiction in the book. Still, no matter what he wears, his snow-shite hair and blue eyes are unmistakable proof of his binshi roots. The white, glowy orbs are either souls or maybe mimishi as described in Chapter 30. I'll let you decide. 


Now, last but not least, there is still a big cast of colorful characters left unmentioned. We have Dunkan - the grumpy, mountain-like old knight with a heart of gold and muscles of steel. Then we have Saya - Lorelei's friend, Gregor's limerian wife, and mother to Soraishu. Then we have Rish and Rasha - the twin binshi warriors and cousins of Gregor. And there is also William de Mar - Noah's right-hand-man and Lord Steward of Norden (oh, and he is a poker-faced schemer). At last, we have Jessup - a bubbling teen who is Noah's current squire.
Yes, a lot of characters. And yet, I wanted to show some love to all of them. And what better way than to paint them all as chibis? Now, guess who is who (I don't believe that it would be too difficult).


I hope you have enjoyed the small peek into the world of Norden. If so, come and dive into the story of The Beast and The Swallow. Book 2 will start coming out on January 11th. 

Re: New Year - New Art


parkertallan Wrote: Amazing art work. The Beast and the Swallow picture looks like it could be on a Middle Ages tapestry while the Shaman picture brings the art forward a few centuries and then ending with the adorable chibis. Wonderful.

Thank you a lot! To be honest, the different feelings you get from the first and second pictures are more due to a coincidence than an intentional effect. I just got new pencils and wanted to try them on Gerash. Since the techniques for blending soft pastels and oil pencils are different, this is the result. 

Man, maybe I should have remained silent and just taken the credit xD.

Re: New Year - New Art

Well, well, well, it is time for a little update. Two new characters' sketches have made their debuts in my story, so I've decided to proudly present them to the larger audience.
These are the portraits of Shana and Neli. Shana is a 9-year-old binshi girl, adopted daughter of the Duke of Norden and the Star-gazer. Neli is a woman of the southern marzbanats, a former slave to the imperial family, and a person very dear to Noah. 

https%3A%2F%2Fimages-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773...TEADIageS8       https%3A%2F%2Fimages-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca887773...gIw9ZHcVhQ